Mansion House Flandy Introduces the 'Welcome the Now' Campaign

The Digital Campaign spotlights Intergenerational friendship & fosters meaningful connections by bridging the gap between the older & the younger generations

by Team PITCH
Published - December 08, 2023
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Mansion House Flandy Introduces the 'Welcome the Now' Campaign

Embracing the true spirit of World Brandy Day, Mansion House Flandy launches its brand proposition, titled ‘Welcome The Now' on Digital through an exciting music video campaign that is a celebration of the distinctive and disruptive flavors of its latest offering.

Launched in collaboration with Big Bang Music and Collective Creative Labs, the music video is a testament to the power of intergenerational friendships. The music anthem sparks conversations, openness and celebrates the richness of connections made when people from different age-groups become friends.

Spread across key South Indian target markets, the campaign celebrates World Brandy Day in an interesting way by converging generations through a vibrant musical anthem.

Crafted by the acclaimed music director Yashwanth Nag, the anthem features the dynamic vocals of Vedala Hemachandra & Damini Bhatia as the lead music duo complimented with Suparna Vontair, renowned for her role in 'Modern Love Hyderabad.' Elevating the tempo further, the song boasts an animated rap segment by AsurA and Nawab Gang, luminaries of Hyderabad's hip-hop scene.

Complementing the vibrant musical composition is an invigorating 3.18 mins music video, directed by the acclaimed Dibya Chatterjee. This visual feast skillfully captures the campaign's essence—spontaneity and simplicity that foster cross-generational friendships. Chatterjee's lens brings to life a rich tapestry of visual storytelling with Flandy's exuberance.

Apart from a robust performance marketing campaign as part of the campaign marketing efforts, the brand has collaborated with top Telugu influencers, including actor cum professional basketball player Arvind Krishna, accomplished actress-model Tejaswi Madivada, and charismatic comedian Gully Boy Riyaz who feature in the video & add a dynamic touch to the campaign's narrative.

Through the brand proposition, the brand manages to redefine the norms of spirits marketing by using the power of music to drive home key messages of  shared wisdom, breaking societal stereotypes, bridging generational divides, and celebrating key moments of life to the fullest

Ahmed Rahimtoola, Chief Marketing Officer, Tilaknagar Industries, shared his excitement, stating, "We are delighted to launch our latest brand proposition "Welcome the Now” featuring an energetic music anthem that creates a captivating experience through a powerful music video. This reinforces Mansion House Flandy’s commitment to living in the present moment. We are dedicated to enriching our customers’ lives, empowering them to create lasting memories, and cherishing meaningful connections spanning across age groups.

Mansion House Flandy exemplifies our commitment to innovation and market expansion, leveraging the Mansion House brand's recognition and credibility. With Flandy, we're embarking on a journey to create a captivating new category, offering a range of enticing flavors that will captivate young consumers.”

Gaurav Wadhwa, CEO, BGBNG Music, emphasized the campaign’s unique nature. The “Welcome the Now' campaign truly embodies the spirit of diverse collaboration and innovation. Bringing together a diverse pool of artists and talents for this anthem has been an inspiring journey and seeing them seamlessly come alive in the music video has been truly rewarding. We aimed for delivering a unique campaign, and I'm proud to say this anthem stands as a testament to that dedication."

Antony Rajkumar, CEO of StoryBoats, who leads the brand strategy and creative mandate for the Mansion House portfolio, explained, "Flandy isn't just a drink; it's a disruptive flavor innovation in the Brandy category. We envisioned more than a conventional campaign; we conceived a movement that celebrates life, friendships, and the vibrant spirit of now. Beyond a beverage, Flandy is a catalyst for a cultural shift. This campaign is a meticulous fusion of insights, strategy, and creative direction—aimed not just at selling a product but at redefining the entire conversation in the spirits industry."