Changing consumer preferences around online searches

As per an Amazon-Kantar study, 73% of online researchers rely on Amazon for product research

by Team PITCH
Published - August 02, 2022
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Changing consumer preferences around online searches

Online research has become an integral part of the consumer purchase journey today. In part, this has been driven by the growth in number of online shoppers who prefer online research for most of their purchases. At the same time, a large number of offline shoppers have also transitioned to researching online.

Search is often the first step in this online research, and is often an early indicator for changing consumer trends and preferences. A recent study by Amazon Ads brings to light key consumer search trends observed during 2021. The study highlights 4 key trends observed in terms of consumer searches on a) surge in online product search; b) new passions replacing old ones; c) changing nature of search terms; d) rise of voice and vernacular. The full study can be accessed here.

  • As per an Amazon-Kantar study, 73% of online researchers rely on Amazon for their product research
  • While 2020 was a major disrupter in consumer behavior, adoption of online search has further expanded in 2021 – both in terms of width and depth of searches
  • Consumer search behavior highlights emergence of new passions among Indian consumers driven by stay-at-home behavior
  • Searches for ‘smart’ appliances and devices have significantly outgrown the overall category
  • Searches for health-related categories have grown by 40-70% in 2021
  • Multi-word searches are growing faster than single-word searches as consumers become more specific in their searches
  • In its second-year post launch, voice searches on Amazon have grown of 255% in 2021
  • Vernacular searches have grown at 136% in 2021 as new consumers from ‘Bharat’ continue to adopt online research

Click here to access the full study which covers many more interesting insights and data points across categories such as food and beverages, beauty and personal care, home appliances, and electronics. A recent Amazon Ads Canvas* session also covered the study highlights. It can be accessed here.

*Amazon Ads Canvas is a thought-leadership platform where senior marketers and thought-leaders share their perspective on the trends in digital marketing and implications for organizations.