YouTube’s big bet on creators and Shorts: How can marketers use it to their ad-vantage?

Experts say by fostering this ecosystem, YouTube draws interesting and varied content, offering advertisers a dynamic platform to reach target audiences

by Shantanu David
Published - February 14, 2024
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YouTube’s big bet on creators and Shorts: How can marketers use it to their ad-vantage?

In his open letter published last week, YouTube CEO Neal Mohan mentioned that “Shorts is averaging over 70 billion daily views, and the number of channels uploading Shorts has grown 50% year over year.” In the same letter, he professed his and YouTube’s continued commitment to fostering a creator ecosystem and economy, given their ever-increasing role in digital media and entertainment today

Following up on our promised installment to Mohan’s bets for the platform in 2024, this time around exchange4media looks at the emphasis laid on the creator economy, and the new formats, specifically Short Form Video, as Google's video product looks to seal its dominance in a sphere exploding with activity, but also impermanence.

Content Kings 

Digital marketingexpert Advit Sahdev points out that YouTube has a strong grasp of the changing trends in digital consumption, as evidenced by its strategic focus on the creator economy and short-form content. “The platform's focus on empowering creators is in line with the emergingcreator economy, which gives individual content creators a lot of swing. By fostering this ecosystem,YouTubedraws interesting and varied content, offering advertisers a dynamic platform to reach target audiences,” he says.

As someone deeply invested in the creator economy, YouTube's continued focus on it excites Venugopal Ganganna, CEO, Langoor.  “I've watched YouTube evolve from a video-sharing platform to a media powerhouse. Their latest bets – doubling down on the creator economy and pushing short-form content – are intriguing, to say the least.”

Empowering creators by increased revenue sharing and support can attract and retain top talent, fueling diverse and engaging content; stronger communities as when creators thrive, the platform thrives; and the wider reach of creators, who can tap into new audiences and revenue streams through platform initiatives, expanding their reach and impact.

“As a specialist in digital marketing, I advise companies to take advantage of these developments by working with creator economy influencers to create succinct, powerful advertisements that are suited for short-form consumption. This approach contributes to a more successful digital marketing strategy on the platform by not only matching user preferences but also optimising the potential for virality and audience connection,” says Sahdev.

When Small is Big 

According to Meta, globally, Facebook and Instagram are seeing close to 200 billion reel plays per day. YouTube's push towards short-form content aligns with evolving viewer preferences and consumption habits, with Siddharth Dabhade, Global Commercial Board Member and Managing Director, MiQ, pointing out, “Short-form videos have become increasingly popular, offering quick, digestible content experiences. By integrating short-form content features like Shorts into its platform, YouTube can cater to this trend and capture audience engagement across different formats.”

The trend toward short-form content also satisfies the need of contemporary viewers for quick, easily assimilated information. This encourages greater engagement and shareability and satisfies the demand for snackable content.

Ganganna says YouTube's bets hold promise, but successful execution requires focus on responsible AI development, transparent collaboration with creators at every step and maintaining the platform's unique identity. “By keeping this in mind, YouTube can empower creators, attract new audiences, and solidify its position as a leader in the evolving video landscape. The future of video is personalized, interactive, and driven by AI. Let's work together to ensure it's a future that benefits creators, viewers, and platforms like YouTube equally.”