Twenty One Productions aims to promote responsible voting as a social initiative

The Election Commission of India has endorsed these awareness videos, to be utilised for the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Awareness campaign

by Team PITCH
Published - April 15, 2024
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#1 It's Time For Elections! - Election Commission of India - Lok Sabha Elections 2024

Chennai based Twenty One Productions, an arm of Twenty One Advertising, has produced thought-provoking videos as a social initiative to promote
responsible voting.

These videos have been endorsed by the Election Commission of India and are widely distributed across various platforms including cinema theatres, public screening channelsetc as a part of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Awareness campaign.

Created by Mr Bharath Kishore, Proprietor of Twenty One Advertising, the videos leverage the power of mass media communication to deliver the essence of responsible voting in a thought-provoking manner.

The videos were conceptualised and written by Bharath Kishore, Founder and Creative Director of Twenty One Advertising. The direction was done by Bharath Kishore and  Raj Eshwar. Prominent actors like Badava Gopi and Rahul Thatha have played pivotal roles in the videos.

The concept revolves around a kirana shop, where actor Badava Gopi, referred to as “Annachi” here, plays the central character of a shrewd and street smart shopkeeper who weaves the essence of responsible voting in a subtle yet thoughtful manner to his customers of various demographics. Thereby, the awareness ads aim to inspire audiences to become active responsible participants in the electoral process with the underlying message “the power of change is in your hand”.

Bharath Kishore says,"The videos will definitely generate a positive impact among the general public. Every individual should understand the importance of responsible voting with the underlying belief that every vote counts in shaping our country. As the Election Commission of India distributes the videos to various media channels, we are happy to play a part in this awareness campaign which will benefit the audiences to make an informed voting choice."

Twenty One Productions’ initiative to release these videos in collaboration with the Election Commission of India, is to cultivate a culture of responsible citizenship through effective storytelling. These videos will certainly support the Election Commission’s initiative in helping citizens exercise their rights to vote wisely and democratically.