CredAvenue Rebrands to Yubi

A New and Powerful 5-in-1 Platform with Offerings Across the Debt Lifecycle

by Team PITCH
Published - June 23, 2022
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CredAvenue Rebrands to Yubi

CredAvenue, one of India’s largest debt marketplace, has rebranded itself as Yubi. The new brand captures the company’s long-term ambition of being ubiquitous to the debt ecosystem, an invisible infrastructure layer powering credit globally and ensuring frictionless access to capital.

The new brand will reflect in every customer touchpoint through an overhaul that spans its website, social media handles and existing product lines. Yubi will deliver a richer, more consistent brand experience in line with its promise of helping its customers to ‘Go Get Great’.

With two major acquisitions in the past six months, the company is growing rapidly and may even evolve beyond credit in the long term. In line with its strategic goals, the name Yubi and the refreshed brand will help the company harness the power of an iconic and global name.

The company caters to every requirement of borrowers and investors through five rechristened platforms with a potential launch of YubiBuild, the yet to be launched real estate and infrastructure vertical of the company:
1. YubiLoans: Term lending and working capital solutions for enterprises

2. YubiCo.Lend: For banks and NBFCs for co-lending partnerships

3. YubiInvest: Bond Issuance and investment for institutional and retail participants

4. YubiFlow: A supply chain platform that offers trade financing solutions

5. YubiPool: End-to-end securitisation and portfolio buyouts

Gaurav Kumar, Founder and CEO of Yubi, said: “This is an exciting transformation and a solid foundation for the constantly evolving nature of our business. Yubi represents the beginning of our global ambitions as we prepare to launch our first international office in UAE, successfully debuting in the MENA region. Another reason for the brand identity change stems from our conversations with customers and other stakeholders on how technological integration because of data security concerns around financial information remains one of the key deterrents in the advancement of digital finance. We aim to bridge this trust deficit, and in this effort of humanising the brand, we’re confident of further building our platform, which thrives on new opportunities for people and businesses alike.”

Karanpreet Bindra, Chief Marketing Officer of Yubi, added: “We want to establish ourselves as an enabler institution to win the trust of the larger business community. As we expanded our product offerings, organically and inorganically, we understood the need for a simple brand architecture that reflects our long-term vision. With Yubi, we are reiterating our brand principles of exercising the freedom to collaborate while showcasing the utmost transparency and equitability. We stand firm on our brand promise as we continue the journey of strengthening and unlocking the real power of credit in India and beyond.”

Yubi partnered with global branding company venturethree to create a disruptive brand focused on people and connections, ready for the new era of lending and possibility.

Philip Orwell, CEO of venturethree, commented: “Yubi’s ambition is to redefine how people, from all backgrounds, can access capital within the Indian market and help drive business growth without the barriers we’ve seen in the past. Working closely with the Yubi team, we developed a brand that focussed on the power of connection, bringing much-needed warmth and humanity to the market.”

With the new brand, the company is preparing to get even more entrenched in the debt ecosystem.