Cannes Lions Day 4: India adds 19 more Lions; another Grand Prix for Dentsu Creative

The Lions were bagged in the following categories: Creative Data (1), Direct (4), Media (5), PR (3), Social & Influencer (6)

by Mansi Sharma
Published - June 24, 2022
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Cannes Lions Day 4: India adds 19 more Lions; another Grand Prix for Dentsu Creative

Maintaining its solid performance at the ongoing Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, the Indian contingent added 19 more Lions across Creative Data (1), Direct (4), Media (5), PR (3), Social & Influencer categories (6).

The country also added 14 more shortlists: eight in Film Lions and six in Sustainable Development Goals Lions to round up its final tally at 121.

Creative Data Winners

Out of two shortlists, Ogilvy India won a Gold Lion in A01 for Cadbury Celebrations’ ‘Shah Rukh Khan My Ad’ campaign under Data-enhanced Creativity subcategory. The festive campaign was created in an attempt to support local small shop owners to get over the impact of the the pandemic by generating a customised campaign for their business with Shah Rukh Khan as its face

Ogilvy India CCO Sukesh Nayak quipped, “We are super happy that one of the most talked about campaigns from India that the masses love and know of, has also found love from various Jury members at Cannes. So very greatful for that. We want to bat till the end. We have a shortlist in Titanium. Which is huge. We are hoping that converts.”

Direct Winners

Out of nine shortlists, India managed to win four Lions in the Direct category.

Ogilvy picked up one more Gold and one Bronze Lion for Cadbury Celebrations’ ‘Shah Rukh Khan My Ad’ campaign in Data-driven Targeting and Use of Digital Platforms subcategories, respectively.

Another Gold Lion came for FCB India + FCB Chicago for ‘The Nominate Me Selfie’ under Cultural Insight subcategory.

The insightful campaign was designed for Political Shakti - a non-partisan women's collective passionate about female leaders in politics, and appeared in The Times of India. The campaign teamed up with 140 NGOs that reached 45000 villages to mobilize female party workers to use the ubiquitous WhatsApp to send their “Nominate-me-selfies” to their local party leaders, urging them for a ticket to contest elections.

The agency (along with Kinnect) won one more Bronze Lion for SOS Childern’s Villages India’s young brand mascot Chatpat in Breakthrough On A Budget subcategory.

Chatpat is a 10-year-old from Mumbai who is sharing ‘gyaan’ or wisdom about life that will give all adults a run for their money. His chirpy and pithy words of wisdom is getting him followers across platforms and bringing the spotlight on his street-smart solutions to life for all. He has also worked with several brands and campaigns to collect donations for the foundation.

Media Winners

‘Chatpat’ got Kinnect + FCB India + FCB Chicago, one Gold Lion (Not-for-Profit/Charity/Government) and one Silver Lion (Use of Stunts), as well.

FCB India + FCB Chicago won another Silver Lion for ‘The Nominate Me Selfie’ in the Cultural Insight Section.

Furthermore, Ogilvy and BBDO won one Silver and one Bronze metal, respectively. 

Ogilvy won the Silver for ‘Cadbury Perk Disclaimers’ (Food & Drink) – a campaign that asked people who tend to take offence quickly, to ‘take it light’. The ad’s voice-over says how one tends to come across a new controversy daily. It is followed by an apology. The apology is then followed by another controversy.

BBDO won it for its much popular ‘Ariel See Equal #ShareTheLoad (Integrated) campaign in Corporate Purpose & Social Responsibility subcategory.

A part of Ariel’s long-running campaign #ShareTheLoad, this campaign is based on the insight that men are willing to share household chores with other men, but do not do so with their wives.

Speaking about the win, BBDO India Chaiperson & CCO Josy Paul said, “We are thrilled that our work ‘See Equal #ShareTheLoad’ for Ariel has been recognized at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2022. We started the brand movement for social change in 2015 and it’s so exciting to see it impacting brand and culture. The win is the icing on the cake of our wonderful marriage and partnership with P&G. We thank our enlightened client and all our amazing media, PR and activation partners for this significant win.”

India had a total of 12 shortlists in the category.

PR Winners

FCB India + FCB Chicago won two Bronze Lions in Social Engagement and Cultural Insight subcategories for ‘Unbox Me’ – a campaign for Unaids that advocates for the rights of transgender children via a heartwarming film.

Vice Media’s ‘The Unfiltered History Tour’ – an interactive Instagram filter that tells the story of some of the most disputed artefacts in the British Museum through the perspective of communities that they have been stolen from –   won one Bronze Lion in content creation & production.

India had a total of 13 shortlists in the category. 

Social & Influencer Winners

India won six Lions in the category out of 14 shortlists.

Denstu Creative picked up its third Grand Prix for ‘The Unfiltered History Tour’ under the Media/Entertainment subcategory. The campaign also picked a Silver Lion under the Social Purpose category.

Kinnect + FCB India + FCB Chicago’s work ‘Chatpat’ won one Gold, one Silver, and Bronze Lion in Not-for-Profit/Charity/Government, Innovative Use of Influencers, and Social Film Series subcategories.

FCB India + FCB Chicago picked a Bronze Lion for Unaids’ ‘Unbox Me’ campaign in the Cultural Insight section.

The results for Creative B2B Lions were also announced on day four, wherein India had no shortlists.


The final set of shortlists for the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2022 was announced on day 04 and India got 14 shortlists.

The most popular campaign, much like day 03, remained ‘Chatpat’ by Kinnect + FCB India + FCB Chicago that got three shortlists : two in Fim Lions (Online & Viral Fim, Breakthrough on a Budget and one in SDG Lions (Poverty).

Another campaign to get three shortlists was ‘Machine Gun Mouth’, created by DDB Mudra for Battlegrounds Mobile India. The campaign was shortlisted in Media/Entertainment, Viral Fim, and Social Behaviour subcategories in Film Lions.

Machine Gun Mouth tells the story of the long-suffering family of a gamer as he keeps disrupting them with the sounds of the game he is playing. The campaign promoted the brand’s unique feature that allowed parents to lock the game with an OTP, giving only three hours a day for the child to play.

‘The Missing Chapter’ by Leo Burnett for P&G Whisper got two shortlists in SDG Lions under Good Health & Well-Being and Quality Education Subcategories.

The campaign, a part of the brand’s #KeepGirlsInSchool initiative illustrated how lack of period education leads to a girl missing school, and this situation is exacerbated by the absence of timely period education in Indian textbooks.

Enormous Brands got one shortlist in Film Lions (Consumer Goods) for its very popular ‘Jaquar Bath & Lights - Office’ campaign. The hilarious film takes the route of over-exageration to promote Jaquar Lights, playing on the company’s public persona of being a bath brand.


 ‘Pure As Love’, a beautiful campaign by Animal for Bhima Jewellery got one shortlist in Film Lions under Consumer Goods.


 The ad shows the journey of a transgender man to their feminine-self, a one-of-a-kind narrative thus far by any jewellery brand in India. The campaign got viral and gained lot of positive response from the viewers and the industry when it was released.

 BYJU’s ‘Master Ji’, which has already won a Silver Entertainment Lion, got one shortlist in Film Lions in Consumer Service/Business to Business section. The film shows how teachers had to turn into students to fit in the new normal during the Covid-19 lockdown.


 Global Esports’ campaign  ‘The Protest Match - The Final That Could Have Happened’ got Isobar one shortlis in SDG Lions under Gender Equality. On 3rd April 2022, Australia played England in the finals of the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup. On the same day, at the same time, the virtually banned Afghanistan Women’s Cricket Team took to the field against Australia as a symbolic protest against the unfair ban – in a finals that could have happened.


 VMLY&R Commerce got one shortlist for Unilever’s ‘Smar Fill’, that has already won two Lions this year, in SDG Lions (Responsible Consumption & Production). Under the campaign, Unilever had installed refill stations for their products across several retail outlets in the country, promoting the reusing of plastic containers. 


Another popular campaign at Cannes Lions this year, Unipads’ ‘Adeli’ got VMLY&R a shortlist in SDG Lions. 

 ‘Adeli’, a unique camapign by Unipads that puts menstruating women, also colliquially known as adelis in certain parts of the country, into kitchens. As a first step, Unipads launched a limited pop-up restaurant with the name Adeli and collaborated with women chefs, helpers, and servers going through their menstruation days to run it. Unipads invited influential community members, change-makers, activists, and other prominent names to dine at Adeli and become a part of the change. Unipads also invited hotels, restaurant chains, schools, and temples to become a part of the movement by committing to support women having their periods.