'Watching Cricket World Cups is so immersive you feel your actions can influence outcomes'

We bring you an interview series with marketing leaders as they discuss their fondest memories of watching Cricket World Cups on TV as well as their expectations from upcoming T20 WC starting Oct 16

by Team PITCH
Published - September 07, 2022
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'Watching Cricket World Cups is so immersive you feel your actions can influence outcomes'

An avid cricket buff right from the 1980s, Puneet Das, President - Packaged Beverages , India and South Asia, Tata Consumer Products is at his candid best as he shares his favourite Cricket World Cup memories ahead of the upcoming T20 World Cup that starts on 16th October.


I was in Sri Lanka, was based there at the time. I remember how India went through country after country in the games leading up to the final. I was among a group of Indians and Sri Lankans who were cheering us on throughout. We will always remember that last over when Dhoni handed over the ball to Joginder Sharma. The rest is history!


Have you followed any superstitions while watching World Cups on TV?

The most common one is just sitting in the same place. I remember there were times while watching these matches my sister would want to leave the room and I wouldn’t let her move from her place till a certain milestone has been reached. You get so involved while watching Cricket World Cups you almost feel any action from your side is influencing the outcome of the match. For an Indian cricket fans it’s a completely immersive experience.


Who do you expect to lighten up the T20 World Cup from Team India?

The kind of talent you’ve seen in India through leagues like IPL, you can almost field 2-3 Indian teams as good as each other in multinational tournaments. I think there are a lot of exciting players to look out for – Surya Kumar Yadav being one of them. Deepak Hooda has suddenly emerged in the scheme of things. KL Rahul in my opinion is very stylish in the way he plays the game. So there is a lot of talent going into the tournament and I think this T20 World Cup is going to be quite exciting.