Media mix is constantly evolving, you always learn & unlearn: Sahil Sethi, P&G Health

The Senior Marketing Director of P&G Health spoke to e4m about the FMCG major’s new product, the marketing strategy and more

by Kanchan Srivastava
Published - January 24, 2023
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Media mix is constantly evolving, you always learn & unlearn: Sahil Sethi, P&G Health

FMCG major Proctor and Gamble (P&G), Health, recently conducted a national sleep survey that has found six out of 10 Indians face occasional sleeplessness. Revealing the findings of the survey, P&G health also launched “Vicks ZzzQuil NATURA” for the Indian market in the presence of actor Sonam Kapoor.

The company claims that the product is a non-addictive sleep supplement based on Melatonin, which is suitable for occasional sleeplessness. It also has Vitamin B6, which helps to relieve the body's tiredness and fatigue. The company also claims that the product has no side effects, but it is not recommended for pregnant women.

What are your objectives behind the launch of the sleep-aid in the Indian market?

There is a big unmet need for a sleep-aid in the Indian market considering the percentage of population battling with occasional sleeplessness and its effects. Besides, there is a need to create awareness about such an important issue and that is really our focus. It is not only about the awareness about the problem that people are facing, but also about humanizing the problem, potential implications of lack of good sleep and also giving them the right solution and empowering them to use the product and getting a good night’s sleep.

What would be your media strategy around this product?

We are looking at all the media touch points such as connected TV and social media. A lot of PR activities are also being planned to raise awareness.

Will actor Sonam Kapoor, who launched Zzzquil, be the brand ambassador of the product as well?

I would not be able to talk about the future plan today but, as of now, I can say that she is the face of our launch. She is the right choice for the launch as she has been using the product in the past. She knows a lot about melatonin and can talk about the product.

What are your business projections for this product in the next two or five years?

There is a big unmet need for sleep aid in India even as over 60 per cent Indians face sleeplessness occasionally. We want to drive awareness about the issue and our product, and help make consumers' lives better. We are looking at how we evolve and expand the category.

The intent for P&G always is to create irresistible innovative products to meet consumers' needs. There is a need for this product in the Indian market. Given the fact that it has been accepted well by the consumers in other markets where it has been launched such as the US, we hope it would do good in India as well.

What is P&G Health’s media mix?

Unfortunately, I can talk only about Zzzquil today. Our target consumers, evolving consumers' habits, the kind of content they are consuming and the places they are consuming. The media is evolving so fast in the last few years. Media habits of consumers are also changing so fast.  Media mix is constantly evolving. You always sort of learn and unlearn as you go through the processes.

Digital and connected TV are two things that are coming up. Connected TV was not so important a couple of years back, but now it is part of our digital portfolio. But I can’t talk about the numbers as of now. When you launch a new product, you have to learn and unlearn many things before deciding on a media mix. 

Will you adopt the IPL route, just as many new brands do or maybe the upcoming women’s IPL?

I cannot comment on the IPL property as of now because it is still a few months away. Right now, our focus is to bring this product to the market, leveraging all media touch points. If during the course, we get to learn that IPL is one medium that we want to use, we would surely take it up.

Has this product got approval from the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) of India?

From the India regulation point of view, we have ensured that we get the FSSAI license. Zzzquil is not a drug, it is a nutraceutical, hence we don’t need FDA approval.

Did you require US FDA approval to sell Zzzquil in the US?

I don’t have the US details. But in other markets, it has got approval as a supplement.