Delhi Daredevils sing a Hindi tune


by Neeta Nair
Published - March 26, 2012
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Delhi Daredevils sing a Hindi tune

This IPL season what is certainly going to dominate is the digital medium, be it the franchise promotion, live screening of the matches expected to gain more viewers, digital campaigns and contest by brands, or extra focus by franchisees to lure fans through attractive and user friendly websites. In one such effort, Delhi Daredevils has launched a Hindi website, becoming the first IPL Franchise to create an online destination for cricket fans who would like to follow the game in the language. The launch of the Hindi site is certainly a strategic initiative to engage the fans from different walks of society who are not familiar with English language. Hemant Dua, Head- Marketing, GMR Sports, “The Hindi website will strengthen our connect with more fans. Our team has enjoyed wonderful and steadfast support of our fans through thick and thin and we owe it to them to reach out to them more.” The Hind website will offer a holistic cricket experience – from live scoring with graphs and text commentary to watching streaming pictures, from being able to buy team’s branded merchandise to securing tickets for the team’s eight home games. Cheil Worldwide SW Asia, IBEE Solutions and SportzInteractive have assisted Delhi Daredevils in designing and making the Hindi website functional. The layout has been designed by Cheil Worldwide. Dua says. “The most visible upgrade in the site is the layout of the site, thanks to Cheil. The new site now breathes the defying attitude of the Delhi Daredevils.” Also, to cash on the high internet penetration through mobile phones, Delhi Daredevils is planning to launch the mobile version of the website. Smartphone users can download a mobile App to get score and news updates. This season the franchises are looking at tapping more fans in small towns and connect with them and that’s Hindi website and plans for a mobile website have shaped up.  “We have not allowed the city’s geographical boundaries to stop us from connecting with our fans,” says Dua. The franchise also plans to launch a brand new Fan section - a playground for the Delhi Daredevils fans.