Building up ‘Brand Indian Police’

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by Neeta Nair
Published - December 06, 2012
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Building up ‘Brand Indian Police’

[caption id="attachment_17632" align="alignright" width="260"]Abdul Khan Abdul Khan, Reliance Industries Limited[/caption] Abdul Khan, who headed back to Reliance Industries after being with Tata for seven years, feels that one government departtment that needs brand building is 'police'. As Impact, the weekly media marketing & advertising magazine from exchange4media Group celebrated its 8th Anniversary, Khan putc words to his thoughts... "We live in troubled times and if there’s one organisation that does its very best to keep us safe, it’s the Police. India does have an acute people shortage in this area with a gap of approximately 5.3 lakh, but as in most cases. India tries to “adjust”. "Law enforcement, like organisations, is in the business of marketing, albeit implicitly. And that is a brand –Indian Police, I’d love to address someday! The target audience is all of India, the product encompasses a gamut of services including protection, detection, helplines and the key performance indicator is keeping the city safe and secure. Again, like a good brand, the services need to be customized to micro-level issues, as one cannot have the same solution for a law and order problem in Delhi as for one in Kerala. "Also, like any service brand, there are multiple touch-points – ranging from the ubiquitous 100 emergency number to face-to-face contacts. The department also needs to address motivational issues of the field force that works 24x7, 365 days a year. If we were to evolve a possible marketing strategy for Brand Police, we must ask – Have the law enforcement agencies ever asked citizens what services they want? Shouldn’t there be a huge organised motivational training programme for personnel? Can’t we mount a huge social media effort to break barriers between the youth and the police? How can we showcase better the unsung heroes of the forces from all over India? Can the Police Department also undertake recruitment campaigns like the Indian Army to attract talent? "And finally, how do we “position” this brand which is micro, yet macro - because at the end of it all, it is that one policeman who can make an impact and make a difference to the life of that one citizen who could very well be you!"