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    PMMAO 2007:Public Relations: PR Becoming Professionalised

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    Marketers are increasingly using BTL activities like PR to get value for money. PR is an important tool in the arsenal of marketers, and professionals in this field are being seen as communication specialists who manage the clients’ image. Several foreign players are now having Indian affiliates and close to 35 key players have fueled…

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    PMMAO 2007: Television: The small screen shines as major marketers ramp up ad spends

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    With indoor entertainment gaining ground, television saw big strides in revenues and viewership. The year 2006 saw the biggest growth in FCT percentage share of news channels.  Ad revenue on Zee increased by 62 percent with music, infotainment and kids channels registering an increase. Further, reality television was not able to save the market viewership…

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    PMMAO 2007: Cinema: Multi-crore grossers give a push to box office earnings

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    Indians love to watch movies and advancements in technology are helping the Indian film industry in all spheres-film production, film exhibition and marketing. The industry is increasingly getting more corporatised. Several film production, distribution and exhibition houses are coming up with public issues and more theatres across the country are getting upgraded to multiplexes. Top…

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    PMMAO 2007: Radio: Frenetic action in airwaves as many enter the fray

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    The radio sector is rocking. In the last few years, nearly a dozen private FM players have entered the fray giving listeners a totally new experience and also giving stiff competition to the AIR monopoly. Five years ago, the first attempt to roll out commercial FM was unsuccessful because of exorbitant licence fees but the…

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    PMMAO 2007: Forecast 2007: Mixed Trends Seen

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    According to the Pitch-Madison AdOutlook 2007, the total advertising industry size is set to grow in 2007 to Rs 17,659 crore from Rs 14,505 crore in 2006, thus maintaining the same growth percentage for 2007-06 at 21.7 percent. The ad industry size of television is set to grow to Rs 7,200 crore in 2007 from…

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    PMMAO 2007: Industry Overview: Top 15 Categories

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    FMCGs, telecom, cars/jeeps and real estate continue to drive spends in advertising while travel and tourism moves in the top 15 slot for the first time. The housing boom results in significant spends increase by advertising for property and real estate. With the Indian economy growing at over eight percent, advertising spends in the media…

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    PMMAO 2007: Print: Print media powers ahead cornering the largest share

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    Growth in the number of young adults entering the workforce, inflow of foreign funds into the print media, a proliferation in the number of publications and editions, rise in the readership levels saw ad earnings soar in the Print media. In the battle for the readers’ attention, advertising money is flowing where the consumer is…

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    PMMAO 2007: Overview 2006: Media Spends Soar

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    The advertising industry grew 21.7 percent in 2006 to touch a healthy figure of Rs 14,505 crore from the 2005 figure of Rs 11,915 crore. The Print media continued to lead the pack with ad earnings of Rs 7,000 crore, followed by Television at Rs 6,000 crore. Outdoor at Rs 1,000 crore, Radio at Rs…