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    Review 2007 / Media Boom / Radio : FM mania spreads to small towns

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    The radio industry saw a lot of growth in terms of increase in the number of radio stations, players, and popularity. The segment also witnessed satellite channels dabbling with the genre of the stations. The country’s first just-for-women station also came up in the year. But the biggest news that made headlines was the fact…

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    Review 2007- Marketing trends : User is the content creator

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    One of the biggest trends of the year gone by was the voluminous rise in user-generated content which emerged as a mantra for marketers to make contextual communication and slot it in the best space. And this trend has got a fillip from the social networking websites. User-generated content is growing by leaps and bounds…

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    Review 2007- Marketing trends : Go Rural!

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    Going rural has become an innate passion for the corporate India of late, it seems. But, rural marketing this time around is with a twist, in the form of the added ‘bottom of the pyramid’ approach, popularilsed by the marketing mahaguru CK Prahlad in the 90s. The corporates today are not looking at the rural…

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    Review 2007- Marketing trends : Society is the Future

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    CSR remained a buzzword for companies in the year gone by. Though it is as old as the trade itself, the CSR or corporate social responsibility gained significance as an integral part of business practices for many a company last year. CSR or giving back to the society is now being increasingly seen as a…

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    Review 2007- Marketing trends : India Inc goes Green

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    With the heated debates and discussions picking up around the world on the shrinking natural resources and the global warming, many domestic companies have also chosen the green route. Be it the energy saving lamps, recycled bags or accessories, today’s marketers are nudging consumers into buying a wide range of products that are good for…

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    Review 2007: Marketing trends : Marketers hit the health highway

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    Major FMCG companies have ended the year on a healthy note, with all of them extending interest in the health food category. They have not even spared their well-known brands while upping the health consciousness ante. For instance Dabur, a major player in the health and wellness segment, has launched a zero sugar variant of…

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    Review 2007: Marketing trends : Fairer share of bargains

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    The year gone by saw the rise of a new consumer group—women. It witnessed an emerging realisation about women as a consolidated consumer base. An increasing number of marketers started acknowledging the fact that today’s young women form a key consumer group of tomorrow. Hence the need to talk to them and keep them in…

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    Internet Special 2007: Introduction: Internet comes of AGE

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    The global online industry is witnessing an unprecedented a boom, and the domestic scene is no different. So, what is the big news? The news is that the domestic Internet industry, or what is increasingly being referred to as the new or rich media, is becoming an area of interest for all and sundry. Be…

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    PMMAO 2007: Internet: Online Advertising skewed in favour of financial services

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    Due to the growing appeal of the Internet beyond the metros and SEC A, the Internet userbase is fast becoming diverse and therefore an essential part of media plans. Interactivity, focused targeting, cost-efficiencies are some of the other advantages. The Pitch-Madison Media AdOutlook 2007 puts the Internet advertising at Rs 165 crore in 2006, up…

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    PMMAO 2007: Direct Marketing: DM is slowly but steadily making its impact

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    What has always been referred to as the lowly cousin of mass media is now making a big splash. Away from the glitz and the glamour of mainstream advertising, non-mass media like DM is simpler and extremely personalised and is a Rs 1,000 crore industry today. And this is what appeals to corporates forcing them…