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    Review 2009 / Retail Ahoy : From tractors to retail tracks

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    The automobile major Mahi ndras have always been hailed for their uncanny knack of making any venture moving, whether it is tractor or real estate. And the $4.5- billion group that has interests in automobiles to real eastate to luxury holiday business, has decided to move on to the country’s red hot retail sector too….

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    Review 2007 / Retail Ahoy : Wal-Mart is here, finally

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    After keeping the organised retail market on prolonged will-or-will-not suspense for nearly a year, it finally happened. The largest retailer in the globe, Wal-Mart finally entered the country piggyriding the domestic telecom giant Bharti group in August. But there is a big catch—the world’s largest company will be sailing into the desi shores with out…

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    Review 2007 / Retail Ahoy : Biyani retails more ideas

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    Retail maverick Kishore Biyani stirred yet another ripple in the growing retail circles by broaching the idea of fair price outlets and announcing his IPO plans during the last year. But the after-effects of the ripples will appear only in the future, challenging his competitors. But rather, everybody will appreciate this trendsetter for what he…


    Review 2007 / Retail Ahoy : Reliance spreads wings wide, despite setbacks

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    Backlash in some States, consolidation in other states and spreading of wings into apparel, jewellery, footwear, pharma, electronics, food and groceries and vegetables, as also wholesale arenas made the last year hectic for the retail super power Reliance Retail which had unveiled a mega Rs 25,000-crore mega pan-India retail strategy that hinges on a farm-to-fork…

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    Review 2007 : Advertising

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    AD Club-AAAI row ends finally The biggest news broke out of Mumbai when it came to advertising in the year gone by was the Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) and the Advertising Club Bombay’s decision to jointly  present a creative award at the forthcoming GoaFest from next April onwards. The award would be called…

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    Review 2007 / Media Boom / Print : Print the way to go!

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    The year held out promises for the media fraternity as a whole. Every medium registered a growth in the past year and this upward swing was supported by new launches in the print domain. The Price water Coopers annual report also echoes the same sentiment of the industry. The study titled as ‘A Growth Story…

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    Review 2007 / Media Boom/TV

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    Network 18 spreads its wings far and wide One of the names that created ripples in the media industry last year  was the Network18 group. The group has found itself in the headlines for reasons as varied as rebranding, acquisition, launches etc. The year was truly eventful for the network which made no bones about…

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    Review 2007 / Marketers Speak : Thus Spake the Marketers

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    Leading Marketing Trends of the Year LLOYD MATHAIS, Marketing Director, Motorola India: The  most notable trend was the emergence of consumer experience and engagement as the first priority.  From retail to the Web, the past year saw marketers chalking out their strategies around consumer experience. While mobile operators like Airtel and Vodafone spent unprecedented amount…

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    Review 2007: Rebranding

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    India Inc sports new-look What undeniably made major headlines across sectors in the past year was rebranding of some major brands. The rebranding spree was so widespread that the marketing activity itself became a major focus that has started moving forward from the point zero to consolidation, mergers, acquisitions or redefining target groups. The net…