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    Old bottles, new wine!

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    It is arguable whether one really needs two jackets in October, but on the 6th of thatmonth, that’s exactly what the country’s top English daily had on. It had nothing to do with cold, and everything to do with the hottest sector in Indian business today – ecommerce. When Flipkart’s ‘Big Billion Sale’ jacket competed…

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    Samsung & Apple are successful because they caged Brand Parrot more than the Price Pigeon: Tushar Kansal

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    Tushar Kansal, Founder COO, Indus B2C Global talks about his e-commerce ventures, the challenges faced by the Indian dotcom sector and the growth trajectory of Indian entrepreneurs. What is the core focus of each of your dotcom ventures? A. Indus B2C, the holding company, has the following divisions:  E-commerce: Mega Mart retailing Global aggregated brand…

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    Events sector has registered 52% growth in 3 years reports E&Y

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    The second day of the EEMAGINE 2015 began with one of the most awaited highlights of EEMA’s annual convention as Ernst and Young released the EY White Paper on Event and Experiential Industry. The paper is a detailed statistical report of the overall development and key findings about the events and experiential domain and was…

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    Why TV continues to be a powerful medium in the digital age

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    Smartphone subscribers and mobile Internet users are increasing at an eye-popping rate in countries like India. The data consumption in mobile has also changed a lot in the last 5 years; leading to speculation that advertising spends on mobile will overtake TV. In spite of all these factors, the growth of Internet infrastructure to support…

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    ROI from digital in 2015

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    2014 was a year when we saw organizations across industry verticals ask the same question again & again – how would one allocate budgets across digital channels? What would be measurement criteria? How would one continually optimize performance of these channels from traffic and conversion perspective? Circa 2015, most of the questions remain the same…

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    India’s quest for zero: The Power of Shunya™

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    India is a growing economy with the potential to be among the top 4 economies in the world in the next few decades. And this growing economy needs a significantly better infrastructure, access to uninterrupted power and policy support. To realize the potential of human capital in India, there is a need to provide adequate…

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    A peek into Mobile advertising in 2015

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    Trends in Mobile Advertising in 2015 We will continue to see emerging markets outshine developed markets when it comes to growth in smartphone and mobile internet penetration. While mobile and PC have often been treated alike by marketers, there is a radical difference in the way that consumers interact with these two media. Marketers need…

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    Augmented reality- the future is here!

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    The new age customers are ‘mobile’ consumers. Whether they are traveling to work, at the park with their kids or simply relaxing at home, people around are immersed in their phones. Someone’s trying to save their lives on Candy crush; some are chatting with their friends over an instant messenger, while others might be making…

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    “Create in India” – the next mantra

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    Provenance, or simply put, ‘place of origin’, as the brand pundits say, is pivotal to carrying a race and its ethos beyond boundaries, to all corners of the universe. I make deliberate use of the words “race” and “universe”. A race may belong to a single geographic entity or be scattered across all lands; it…