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    Outdoor Marketing in the Digital Age

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    Last decade has brought about a huge change in the way consumers look at brands and products. Today, technology underpins the changing consumption patterns. If we were to really look for the consumers, they are always on the move. People are spending more and more time out of their homes while they are working, shopping…

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    Turbulence in Analytics

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    Analytics and Big Data are two words that have become very popular now. Black gold and Texas Tea being few of the words used to describe the riches that can be attained from data. In fact, data scientist has been quoted as one of the sexiest career titles of the 21st century. And yet it…

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    The importance of amplification in content marketing

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    With so much content out there these days, creating great content is really only half the battle. Getting your content read and discovered by the right people at the right time is becoming just as, if not more important. There are so many channels out there that it’s important to understand what works and resonates…

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    Augmented reality today – Powerful tool or misconception

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    Quite possibly one of the most exciting aspects of 2015 is that it’s Back to the Future Part II year. What seemed so far-fetched 30 years ago is . . . well, still mostly far-fetched, although we do have i-Pads, wearable technology, remote-controlled drones, and ’80s puffy vests that have come back in style. But…

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    When Storytelling Becomes Serious!

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    Stories are the core of our development as human beings. Ever since we are born, we learn and understand the world through stories. Stories help developing minds decode the world much easier. There is validated research to show that humans remember and recall information told in story form better than any other form of communication….

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    Engaging the youth through user-generated content

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    Today’s on-demand economy spells out how brands are being driven by their consumers. Brands and consumers are interacting in different ways across multiple touch points in today’s digitally enabled interactive environment. In an era of a hyper-connected population, social media has emerged as a primary channel for customer engagement. Brands across sectors are finding new…

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    Marketing Mix Modeling and why it’s well worth your time

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    It is clear to all that business performance is continually impacted by marketing activities (controllable) and marketplace activities (little to no control). But it is notoriously difficult to quantitatively measure and evaluate the impact of such marketing activities. Additionally, it is very difficult to differentiate clearly between the marketing actions that are working and those…

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    The evolving need and approach for advertising in a dynamic market scenario

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    Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.’ These were the words of a world renowned professor of Advertising and PR- Jef I Richards. Advertising has progressed rapidly as a business tool over the last decade with ‘Globalisation’ becoming a household phenomenon. This has also led to an unexpected increase in…

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    Will the year of mobile come?

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    Smart phones have materialized to be more than just devices. In 2014, mobile has really pushed its envelope when it comes to m-commerce, mobile advertising and mobile content management. Many big brands have been seen putting more effort in taking a mobile first approach since mobile has been giving them more return on investments. eMarketer…

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    The Road Ahead for retail in 2015

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    We live in the Social Age. “Social” refers to the cultural communication climate –– the way we receive information. The Indian Retail has come forth as one of the most dynamic and fast paced industries with several players entering the market. It is one of the most vibrant and is in the process of gradually…