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    PMMAO 2012: Outdoor Review: Deserted?

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    The year 2011 has not been a very good one for the Outdoor medium. Blank hoardings and billboards have been seen more often than before and hence it was no surprise when the ‘Pitch Madison Media Advertising Outlook 2012’ showed a 10 per cent fall in the medium’s overall revenues in 2011. The medium’s revenues…

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    PMMAO 2012: Outdoor Outlook: Some hope

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    The year 2012 is expected to be more of a year of recovery for the Outdoor medium. As per Pitch Madison Media Advertising Outlook 2012, Outdoor is expected to grow by five per cent to Rs 1,362 crore in 2012. The share of the medium in the total ad-pie is expected to fall to 4.9…

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    Is the Indian market ready for a Jaguar?

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    One of the most aspirational luxury car brand Jaguar, is all geared up to race up its top lines in the Indian market. The company has launched a new campaign globally ‘How Alive are You’ to add fresh impetus to the brand. The print campaign has already been rolled out in India too, and TVCs…

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    Where to draw the line for comparative advertising?

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    The landscape for comparative marketing once again is buzzing with Rin and Tide’s latest tussle, and the battleground this time is print media. ‘You Decide’ is what HUL told its consumers making a comparison on the price. In another example, we have seen Bajaj’s bike Discover attacking Hero’s Splendor. However, not as direct as the…

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    No bar: Coffee at home

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    Cafe bar culture has been on an upswing in the country. But in-home coffee consumption still has not been as big as marketers would have liked to. However, over the past few months, coffee marketers (in-house coffee consumption) like Nescafe and Bru have got aggressive and been trying to cash-in on the trend to make…

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    Is Lay’s ‘Baked’ baking a new success story?

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    Baked snacks category is small but has seen a lot of action in the last one year with multiple new launches from top F&B companies. Lay’s baked from PepsiCo Foods India has been the latest entry in this space, launched about a month ago in the third week of January 2012. At the completion of…

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    Being fair to kids

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    As the yellow car makes its way through the dusty and bumpy roads of Paragpur in Himachal Pradesh, a girl, hardly 10 years old is all anxious. There are other kids in the village running after the car. The girl’s joy knows no bounds when her father drives the family’s new car home. The car…

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    Pitch Madison Media Advertising Outlook 2012 unveils on Feb 17

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    Pitch Madison Media Advertising Outlook, the most coveted report on predictions of ad spends, is all set to be launched on February 17, 2012 in New Delhi. The special report, in its eighth year now, tracks and analyses how and where advertising monies were spent last year, and projects the future growth. The special report…

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    Lay’s bakes an inch loss story; woos young women

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    It’s baked. And to drive home the point, Lay’s is calling its new offering ‘Baked’ too. PepsiCo is positioning the newly launched baked potato chips as a ‘premium’ and ‘lifestyle’ product as against the perception of a health product. Lay’s today launched Baked in three flavours – Original Salted, Cream Herb & Onion and Sunkissed…

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    Dishtv repositions itself yet again

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    Call it savvy marketing or fickle-mindedness, Dishtv, the oldest DTH player in India has gone for a repositioning yet again. ‘Ghar Aayi Zindagi’ has paved way for ‘Dish Sawar Hai.’ In the last five years or so, Dishtv has changed its positioning many times. In 2007, it launched a campaign with Shah Rukh Khan, with…