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    Cover Story: Luxury car market in India on an overdrive

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    About until five years ago, a long stylish sedan with a logo that has three striking lines in a circle (Yes you guessed it right it is the Mercedes) signified power, royalty and class. But this privilege was restricted to only a few of those belonging to a royal family or business moguls. But the…

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    Is Fastrack crossing the line?

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    The youth fashion brand Fastrack has come up with a new campaign ‘Blame Fastrack’ which has added a few degrees to the already sky high temperature this summers. The TVC which showcases summer bags from the brand shows a girl waking up in a boy’s dorm room, she walks out of the room without dressing…

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    A new M from Merc; Peter Honegg happy at No 2 position

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    The action in the luxury car market in India seems to be ever increasing in the past few months. Couple of weeks back, UK based super luxury car brand Aston Martin entered the Indian market.  In the beginning of the year, Jaguar and Land Rover also announced its aggressive plans for the Indian market. Mercedes-Benz,…

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    What makes brand Kareena the Chhammak Chhallo of marketers?

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    This summer brands have got greedy for Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor.  Last month itself, two brands (Limca and Alpenliebe 2 Choco Eclairs) have signed the celebrity as the endorser for their product. In fact, the grapevine says that with these new deals the actress’ endorsement fee has gone further up. So much so, that she…

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    Chocolate eclairs category is sensual: Nikhil Sharma

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    The Rs 9,000 crore confectionery market has been buzzing with activity including new product launches, new campaigns and new brand endorsers being taken board. One of the big fish in the confectionery space – Perfetti Van Melle, has recently roped in a new brand endorser for its brand Alpenliebe Eclairs. In a conversation with pitchonnet.com,…

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    IPL viewership changing gears

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    The fifth season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is halfway through and there have been some interesting trends emerging.  While Television ratings and sponsorships, which have been the most sought after in the first few seasons have seen a declining trend this time. In contrast, online viewership has been on an upswing and stadiums…

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    ‘IPL seamlessly fits the sporty image of Garnier MEN’

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    Cricket tournaments have always been an important media platform for marketers targeting male consumers. In this season of IPL, men personal care brand Garnier MEN is trying to lure male consumers by associating itself with their favourite sport. The brand has associated with the Rajasthan Royals team as their official grooming partner. Additionally, this is…

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    Automobile market gives thumbs down to IPL5

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    Falling TV ratings and cautious advertisers have been key characteristics of the ongoing season of IPL. While on one hand categories like telecom and beverages have been very enthusiastic on the use of this media platform, there are others like automobiles and consumer durables which are shying away from it. Pitchonnet.com probed further on how…

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    IPL is maturing: Shubha George

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    IPL’s fifth season has been on for three weeks now and so far the TV ratings and marketers’ enthusiasm both have been lower than previous seasons. But many feel there is nothing to worry, IPL is just maturing like any other sports event. In the beginning of this season, media agency MEC has come up…