Sugarfit kicks off #WeCan campaign for World Diabetes Day

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With 77 million Indians being diagnosed with diabetes and cases on the rise among millennials, Sugarfit aims to address the urgent need to talk about diabetes reversal

Sugarfit, a health-tech platform that seeks to prevent, manage, and reverse diabetes, has launched a campaign titled ‘#WeCan’ for World Diabetes Day.

There are several recent studies and reports pointing towards the disturbing trends and urgent need to prioritize diabetes awareness and reversal in India. Some of these reports indicate that-

As of 2019, India is estimated to have about approximately 77 million people aged 20-79 years that are living with diabetes. This number is expected to reach 134 million by 2045. These are cases where there has been an official diagnosis. There are still an estimated 43 million cases of undiagnosed diabetes;
1 in 6 adults with diabetes globally come from India;
The average onset of Type-2 diabetes among Indians is gradually increasing in the age groups below 50 years due to a sedentary lifestyle and high visceral adiposity. Oxidative stress and chronic inflammation aggravate the natural ageing process, thus, accelerating biological ageing among middle-aged Indians.
In light of the need to address the issue and convey that diabetes reversal CAN happen, Sugarfit is launching this campaign to spark a movement on Prediabetes and Type-2 diabetes reversal.

The #WeCan campaign stresses that diabetes reversal is possible and there are tools and platforms out there, like Sugarfit, that have tried and tested methods to make this happen. Sugarfit aims to help people take that first crucial and life-changing step against Prediabetes or Type-2 diabetes. Many people are misinformed about their conditions and lead unfulfilled lives because they believe they cannot do what others without diabetes can.
Sugarfit’s campaign aims to turn these ‘CANT’s’ into ‘CANs’.

The campaign features an emotionally stirring video, narrated by Farhan Akhtar, which sends the message that diabetes need not come in the way of someone achieving their dreams. Legends have done it and so can you.
It will further be amplified using a rousing social media campaign and outdoor advertisements.

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