Bonn Group launches Nutritious and Low Pocket Americana Wholewheat Multigrain Cracker Biscuits

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Perfect snack with goodness of multigrain flours, flax seeds, and sesame seeds

Bonn Group, the leading manufacturer of Food products in India, has launched Americana Wholewheat Multigrain Cracker Biscuits that are low on pocket and make a healthy treat with perfect blend of flavors. These biscuits are a perfect snack for mid-day cravings that come with the goodness of multigrain flours, flax seeds, sesame seeds, sunflowers seeds and watermelon seeds. The ingredients also include rolled oats and soya bean. Crackers are generally low in calories as compared to other biscuits as they are made with wheat flour or oats. They are a rich source of Vitamin B-Complex and dietary fiber. As per nutrition experts, consuming healthy snacks daily helps to keep yourself energized and aids in weight management.

Bonn’s newly launched multigrain cracker biscuits will be initially available across North India in Punjab, Delhi, UP, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, and Himachal Pradesh. The bakery giant has recently launched and delivered healthy and immunity-boosting products to its consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Snacking has been associated with unhealthy food that is deep-fried and loaded with salt, for a long time. However, the trend is changing now, and people have been snacking more than ever before. Many people have indulged in binge-watching or simply eating snacks to beat stress during lockdowns. This has made them choose healthy snack options like crackers. Crackers are emerging as popular snack options that are high on nutrient content and a good snack option for weight loss. Today people want tasty snack options but do not want to compromise on their health at the same time, so Bonn uses ingredients that provide nutrition, in all its products,” says Mr Amrinder Singh, Director, Bonn Group of Industries.

According to a 2020 Euromonitor International report[i], ‘snackification’ as a trend is catching up in India. It is becoming favorite among millennials and adults working from home.

The multigrain cracker biscuits are available in packs of 36gms for Rs 10 and 72gms for Rs 20. Bonn has made sustained efforts to keep its products pocket friendly for a wider outreach and it has adopted the same strategy for this product. The company’s ‘Americana ’brand is an exclusive premium range of biscuits known for its quality of ingredients and rich flavors. The biscuit ranges from regular cookies, digestive, cracker, cream, atta and other unique flavors.

As per data analytics firm Nielsen, Indian FMCG industry recorded a 36.9 percent value-based output in April-June 2021[ii]. The growth was recorded despite the quarter being hit by the second wave of the pandemic. The latest offerings from Bonn’s basket also come during the National Nutrition Week from September 1 to 7. The theme for 2021 National Nutrition Week is “feeding smart right from start”.

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