Skoda partners with Inshorts to steer digital advertising for Skoda Octavia

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The campaign generated over 4+ million views, with an impressive engagement rate of 26.11%

In an effort to promote its brand-new Octavia, Skoda, a premium automobile brand partnered with Inshorts to strengthen its digital campaign outreach. Inshorts, India’s #1 English news app rolled out a responsive mobile design which was experiential and personalised according to a user’s choice. A dynamic nine-page digital ad magazine covered most of the critical consumer touch points which highlighted Skoda Octavia’s key features. The campaign generated over 4+ million views, with an impressive engagement rate of 26.11%.

The digital advertisement creates a gamified experience for its viewers once they choose the color of their desired car. The screen then becomes interactive and dynamic with the chiseled Sedan steering them through the informative cards. Each card outlines the chic features of the vehicle like the Bohemian glass, 4-cylinder TSI engine, Virtual Cockpit, airbag safety, and many more. The final card also entails a call to action which directs the users to for further information.

Commenting on the campaign, Piyush Thakur, National Sales Head at Inshorts, said, “Every detail of the new Skoda Octavia is an amalgamation of both, classic yet modern. We at Inshorts devised an advertisement that complimented the strong aesthetic of the Sedan. The emphasis remained to engage our audience by interactive form of advertising which takes them step by step through the main components of the vehicle. Through this digital ad, we tried to incorporate the most important touch points in a car buying consumer journey. Our aim remains to inform, inspire, highlight and illustrate by using effective communication and engaging storytelling without making the user experience intrusive. We thank Skoda for trusting our platform to help their messaging reach the appropriate audiences.”

Using state of the art technology, the team at Inshorts incorporated a lazy loading feature that enabled mobiles to load the videos on demand. The ads created were responsive mobile designs which allowed them to run on all devices of different sizes. A HTTP Live streaming feature was embedded to use a lower quality video, thus reducing the bandwidth usage. s

Speaking about the campaign on behalf of Skoda, Mr. Tarun Jha, Head of Marketing, Škoda Auto India said, “The Škoda Octavia offers state-of-the-art design, comfort, and safety. We wanted to amplify this message and help it reach our target segment in an engaging and non-intrusive manner. Hence, we sought a credible platform that could help us communicate to our audience and hence, Inshorts was one of the most suitable choices for us.”

Armed with strong user behaviour insights combined with creativity and adtech innovation, Inshorts has carved a niche for itself in the digital advertising space with thumb -stopping ad formats like Motion Story, Digital Magazine, Video story, and gesture controlled ads. Today Inshorts delivers industry-best results for over 500+ leading brands like Samsung, GSK, Dell, Volkswagen, Amazon Prime Video, Royal Enfield, Mercedes, BMW, etc.

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