Sun Pharma ropes in Pankaj Tripathi as brand ambassador for Abzorb Dusting Powder

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New campaign around the theme “Apnao Abzorb ka haath” launched

Sun Pharma Consumer Healthcare, a division of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. today announced that it has roped in Pankaj Tripathi as the new brand ambassador of Abzorb dusting powder. In a new campaign conceptualized by Lowe Lintas Mumbai, on the theme, “Apnao Abzorb ka haath” Pankaj Tripathi is seen promoting the prophylactic usage of Abzorb dusting powder to keep fungal infections at bay.

While summer is a season of fun and activity for most people, it can become a period of infection & suffering for many. The possibilities of fungal infection & itching rises; especially for men and women working outdoors for long hours in the heat. The campaign shows that daily use of Abzorb dusting powder prevents excessive sweating and helps treat problems caused by sweat – fungal infection, rashes & itching.

The campaign uses ‘Hand’ as a visual device, prompting sufferers to respect their hands and put them to good use, leaving sweat related problems to Abzorb dusting powder. The campaign also aims to cultivate the habit of using the product daily to keep one free from infection & itching. The double-action sweat control formula of the product minimizes dampness due to which the fungus aggravates. Thus, making sure the infection never takes place. Pankaj plays the role of a proponent for the product and communicates prophylactic usage in his usual style.

Vidhi Shanghvi, Business Head, Sun Pharma Consumer Healthcare said, “Summers can mean a period of itching and fungal infection, and it is extremely hard to shake off once you get it. The new campaign aims to sensitise consumers about the advantages of keeping sweat and its associated problems at bay by using Abzorb dusting powder daily. Unlike regular talcum powders which provide only a cooling sensation, Abzorb’s unique combination of talc & starch ensures superior sweat absorption and strong protection against fungal infections due to clotrimazole.

Commenting on the campaign, Madhu Noorani, President, Lowe Lintas said, “Fungal infection is a covert but common problem that worries many. In this campaign, Pankaj Tripathi in his usual demeanor and light hearted way advocates people to curb the problem of sweat and fungal infection related problems in advance, so that one can focus on doing better, greater work.”

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