Saffola Oodles’ launches new TVC

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Agency Credits Goes To Mullen Lintas

Marico Limited, one of India’s leading FMCG companies, has launched the communication campaign for its latest launch, Saffola Oodles – a delicious and healthy ready-to-cook snack, targeted to mothers.

Evening snack time is meant to be fun for kids. It is the time where they like to have their way, especially when it comes to the choice of snack. However, mothers feel they often play killjoy, by restricting what the kids eat, or making it “healthier”, which of course leads to a veritable tug of war in the evening, spoiling the fun for kids during snack time. The TVC highlights how Oodles enables the mom to play the role of fun mom at snack time. The yummy, ring-shaped, no-maida noodles made with oats, allows the mom to give her kid something he/she would love to eat, whilst at the same time being reassured that it’s healthy.

Conceptualised by Mullen Lintas, the TVC shows a young boy named Adi, happily eating his bowl of the ring-shaped Saffola Oodles. Pretending to talk to Oodles, while actually sending his mother a message, he thanks Oodles for making his evening snack time yummy and turning his ‘no no no’ mummy to a ‘yes’ mummy all this while sneaking a glance behind him to see if she’s getting the message. The mother who’s behind him, of course realises what he’s doing, and credits the brand which provides the yum factor for Adi, while the absence of maida and being made with wholegrain oats, reassures her that it’s healthy, giving her no reason to say no. The film goes on to show Saffola Oodles as “yummmazing”, right down to the last ring. The ad ends on the note that Saffola Oodles has made evenings fun and mummy cool – ‘Shaam Bane Yummy, Cool Bane Mummy’

Commenting on the latest campaign, Koshy George, Chief Marketing Officer, Marico Limited said, “In every household, we witness children and their mothers battling over the choice of evening snack; where kids seek fun and tasty food while the mothers of course prioritise health and nutrition. Thus, through this endearing film, we show how Saffola Oodles’ yummy masala flavour and exciting ring shape appeals to the kid whereas the no-maida and wholegrain oats reassures the moms on health. It enables moms to fill evening snacking time with unrestricted yumminess and fun, the way that it should be and consequently strengthens the bond between mothers and their children”.

Azazul Haque and Garima Khandelwal’ – Chief Creative Officers, Mullen Lintas said, “Right from its inception, through the many stages of creative development, we have always believed that Saffola Oodles will help mothers keep snack time fun for their kids, while being reassured from a health perspective. So for the launch, we wanted to tell this story through an endearing and compelling narrative, that viewers can identify with. The story therefore revolves around the enjoyment of the kid, against the backdrop of the mom not having to restrict her son from eating something he loves. The film highlights the change in her approach, as seen through the eyes of her son, which increases their snack time bonding.”

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