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This year-long digital initiative will feature 7 fearless women  

This International Women’s Day, Levi’s® unveils its new season of the Levi’s® #IShapeMyWorld campaign that has now evolved into a year- long digital initiative featuring the stories of 7 women to spark a conversation and inspire millions and more along the way.

Created in 2017, #ISHAPEMYWORLD is a platform that seeks to inspire and enable women across India. These risk-taking, game-changing, rule-breaking women come from different backgrounds and communities, connected by the fact that they are challenging what society expects from them, and shaping the world on their own terms.

2021 is a year of optimism, even as the pandemic continues to disrupt lives across the world, we have seen many examples of women leading the way and bring change not just for themselves but for everyone around them. It is important to recognize and to continue the focus and conversation around women empowerment.

With storytelling at its heart, this season aims to keep the conversation alive throughout the year with series of digital content pieces and enabling conversation and community through live Instagram engagements in collaboration with SheThePeopleTV.

“More than ever, the Levi’s® brand is connecting with more women. The #IShapeMyWorld campaign was conceptualized in 2017 to showcase women who are changing the world in ways both big and small. Through the seasons, we have shown the importance of taking a stand when it comes to the social issues of the day. We want to create a platform for women to add their voice, make an impact and inspire others. Through this year’s campaign, our hope is to introduce these women to the audience through a new lens and inspire a new generation of women with their stories,” Sanjeev Mohanty, Managing Director, South Asia, Middle East& North Africa for Levi’s® India says.


Faye D’Souza: A journalist, feminist, an Indian and an unbiased voice talking about the things that are truly important. We watch her lift the discuss her disillusionment with the industry from to stepping out to become a strong independent voice.

Seema Samridhi Kuswaha: Seema Samridhi has fought for her education, to become a lawyer and also famously tried and won the Nirbhaya’s case and now will take on the Hathras case. She is a crusader for women, their equality and progress through the law.

Iti Rawat: The founder of WEFT (women entrepreneurs foundation) launched the Red Dot Campaign during the lockdown on hearing stories of women being abused at home. This crusade has seen her rescue 100 women and fight for their financial independence.

Zoya Akhtar: A trailblazing force in Indian cinema, Zoya dives into her journey, asserting herself and feeling confident in her perspective and empowered by her point of view.

Sumukhi Suresh: The stand-up comedian who has cemented her craft across the live comedy circuit, viral YouTube sketches, films, and even the OTT space. Now she is taking on the role of a showrunner, creator, and co-writer of a comedy-drama series, she is out here to prove that creativity doesn’t have any boundaries.

Trisha Shetty: An Indian activist for gender equality, she is the founder of SheSays, a non-profit that empowers the country’s women by providing education, legal and medical as well as psychological support.

Raja Kumari: An Indian-American rapper, songwriter with success both at home and abroad discusses finding her own sense of belonging, embracing herself to find success on her own terms in Music.

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