Bombay Shaving Company teams up with actor Shriya Pilgaoankar to launch the #FlexYourAwesome campaign

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#FlexYourAwesome encourages women to assert their might, strength and achievement

There is an emerging cultural shift that is happening across the world. More women are entering the workforce, voicing their choices and asserting their point of view. Bombay Shaving Company has been at the forefront of building on this narrative and driving more awareness for the voices from women. As a brand that believes in building a tribe of powerful women who are driven by their mission and passion, they found an amazing partner in Shriya Pilgaonkar.

Shriya is the face for the latest campaign from Bombay Shaving Company – #FlexYourAwesome. Shriya is an actor, an advocate for women’s rights, a dancer and a creative thinker. Her expanse of work goes across genres and languages. #FlexYourAwesome encourages women to assert their might, strength and achievement. Through the #FlexYourAwesome campaign, Bombay Shaving Company is celebrating women by bringing stories of those who have been awesome and unstoppable in their lives. The aim is to empower women to actively break down stereotypes and remind themselves to not be afraid to choose their own unique path.

In the first leg of the campaign, in a freewheeling monologue, Shriya effortlessly echoes the sentiments of millions of women in our country who faced societal bias, sharing her personal and professional experiences and the challenging career choices she made. During the course of her journey, she ensured to not lose her confidence and instead made a conscious choice to flex her inner strength, passion, drive and awesomeness. The video mirrors the stark reality of our society’s behaviour towards women and how women should be unstoppable and awesome at every step of their life.

Speaking on the campaign, Samriddh Dasgupta, Vice President, Marketing and New Brands said; “#FlexYourAwesome is not an isolated campaign for us. We undertook user-group research to understand the need gaps faced by our female customers and the challenges they face in this world. What emerged was a strong theme of indifference. On one hand, there is indifference to the power that women have in this world and how the world renders a unidimensional perspective to them, and on the other, there is an utter indifference to the pain women are going through during hair removal. Over the last many years, the pain associated with hair removal for women has been normalized. Threading, waxing, epilating and even hair removal creams are all painful and messy. Simultaneously, there has also been an increase in the myth surrounding shaving. Shaving, which is a rather easy, painless and convenient method of removing hair has been seen as a man’s choice. We wanted to ensure a cultural and practical shift in the way women remove hair painlessly through our Defender for Her Shaving Solutions.”

In the second leg of the campaign, Bombay Shaving Company celebrates self-made women across industries who carved a niche for themselves. The brand is celebrating inspiring stories of real women across different entrepreneurial walks of life and gives them a voice on its social media platforms. Few of these strong and confident women are Snigdha, Founder, Tea Trunk; Bani Nanda, Founder, MIAM; Surabhi Bhandari, Co-founder, Unashamed Health; Swetha Subbiah, Trainer, Sisters in Sweat and many more, who overcame deterrence and embarked on progressive journey’s in their lives.

The campaign video with Shriya Pilgaoankar also introduces the audience to the brand’s women razor, Defender For Her Body Razor which guarantees one-stroke irritation-free and smooth shave with its FlexBlade Technology and anti-clog design.

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