Kiara Advani to launch Women Empowerment anthem with boAt

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 Launches anthem ‘I’m A Rebel’ with Bani J and Raja Kumari

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, boAt and Universal Music India come together to celebrate women of today and tomorrow who live life on their own terms by unleashing the ‘TRebel’ campaign with a poignant all-woman collaborative song titled ‘I’m A Rebel’. The song rejoices women who want to explore, celebrate individuality and live life unrestrained.

The campaign highlights boAt’s newest offering of airdopes and earphones called ‘TRebel’ designed exclusively for the women of today. Conceptualized and executed in partnership with Universal Music India, the idea was to create a progressive narrative around the spirit of the new age women who don’t live by conventional expectation.

The video stars boAt endorser Kiara Advani who has been breaking the mould of the girl-next-door with an array of diverse performances. Kiara celebrates individuality for boAt’s upcoming campaign ‘I’m a Rebel.’ Composed and performed by Grammy nominated multi-platinum rapper Raja Kumari, the song features significant women achievers from diverse backgrounds including film actress Bani J, MMA professional Sanika Patil, gender fluid artist and sculptor Durga Gawde, television actress Ayesha Adlakha amongst others. Kiara Advani who has been breaking who come together as fierce boAtheads for this initiative.

Characterized by a focus on women empowerment and gender equality, the empowering drop is pegged to be an anthem for the fourth-wave feminist movement. Hip hop empress Kumari makes efficacious use of incisive wit and irony to protest against society’s opinionated contempt toward women and champion the unapologetic feminine tribe who endorse their avant-garde individuality and continue to defy convention and break the rules.

The parodic takedown of misogynistic stereotypes casting women as passive, dependent and needy is an essential sonic centerpiece for this millennial creative and that opening riff is nothing short of iconic.

With a tag line denoting “rebellion is contagious”, the glitzy video that was shot across Los Angeles and Mumbai, with its’ neon hues and fluid silhouettes captures the contagious spirit of disengaging with the eternal voices and rewiring with the inner voices. From athletes to artists to activists, the video captures inspiring flag bearers who have walked the thin line between societal norms and expectations while being inimitable and fierce in their approach towards changing the fabric of societal standards.

Talking about TRebel, Kiara Advani who will be making her non-film music video maiden foray with this single state, “This collaboration resonated with my core persona. Being a rebel isn’t a look or style. It is a way of life and I have always endorsed it. For me it’s always been about living your life on your own terms, being comfortable in your own skin and not caring about what the world thinks. If the society calls me a rebel for me being myself and breaking down walls and the laws written on them, then well at least I know I stand for something. I want to inspire the next generation of women to believe in themselves and let go of the inhibitions and conditioning they have been raised with, and embrace living unrestrained. It’s important to shut down the outside voice, so that you could listen to your own”

Speaking about the track, Raja Kumari says “When boAt approached me to write this anthem, I was so excited to collaborate with my longtime friend DJ SA on the music. I’ve always considered myself a rebel in my music choice, my career and my unapologetic nature! I loved crafting these lyrics to depict that energy and I’m so happy to be joined by so many strong women like Bani J and Kiara on this campaign. I hope everyone enjoys the song as much as we did making it!”

Sharing her thoughts on bringing her fore ‘you-get-what-you-see persona’ once again for this campaign, Bani J adds, “Sharing her thoughts on bringing her fore ‘you-get-what-you-see persona’ once again for this campaign, Bani J adds, “Dealing with being misjudged and misunderstood doesn’t ever get easier especially if you are a woman with a voice. There are so many people close to me who really don’t understand me, and they misjudge me, which used to. Bother me initially but not anymore. One gets used to it, but it never gets easier. I also think I am able to shrug off negativity faster now because I have been facing judgment ever since my teenage years. I continue to get trolled for being the strong, independent, downright badass woman I am. People tell me to look more feminine, to behave like a woman, to stop getting tattooed and building muscle or I’ll soon be an outcast But I’m not here to cater to anyone’s definition of what I should be or be pigeonholed into a particular conditioning.”

Reflecting on the new launch, Aman Gupta, boAt, Co-Founder elaborates “We at boAt believe in today’s women, those who want to explore more, celebrate their individuality, and live unrestrained. Through this campaign we have partnered with the outliers who are breaking rules, reinventing the societal playbook to go big in all walks of life. This initiative is a “high-five” for all the women who chart their own rules, we look forward to these women dancing to their tune while supporting the ‘TRebel’ collection.”

Highlighting the recent trend of brands leveraging their new offerings via music videos, Universal Music and EMI Music, India and South Asia Managing Director and CEO Devraj Sanyal says, “Today a rapidly evolving media landscape is changing the way people consume content. As a background element, music is particularly suited to the age of multitasking and that allows brands to insert themselves into consumers’ daily lives in a seamless, non-intrusive way. With music focussed associations, brands can create an emotional imprint using music as a trigger. Modern brands have cultural resonance just like music; they are influential beyond their products, they drive debate, they are tools for self-definition and are bywords for broader concepts. For many brands, music is a part of how people use their products. People listen to a certain type of music when they run, work, want to relax, take a bath, cook, or shop. In many cases, creating the right music to go with the product can dramatically improve the product experience. Brands are hugely interested in the power of music to help grow their businesses, but the music marketplace is extremely complex and at Universal we are aiming to make that easier going forward though a variety of partnerships to help amplify brand storytelling.”

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