WeWork’s latest brand film zooms in on all our ‘Zoom call’ experiences while working from home

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The flexible workspace provider as a part of its ongoing multi-film campaign  “When Plans Change, Plan With WeWork”

In December 2020, WeWork announced the launch of its latest multi-film campaign “When Plans Change, Plan With WeWork” consisting of a number of brand films spread over months. Each video celebrates the flexible and enduring human spirit which helped us survive the unprecedented effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent work from home experiences that we all went through. The first video for the campaign went live on Dec 11th 2020 and focussed on what we missed most about our workplace. The second video featuring comedian and influencer Rahul Subramaniam went live on Jan 25th 2021 depicting the inconveniences caused due to WFH. Staying true to the theme of getting back to work, the third video went live today, humorously capturing the reality of attending Zoom calls with teams and colleagues, from home and depicting the struggles in a relatable manner.

Recently, one of the most viral videos/ memes circulating online worldwide depicted the struggle of a lawyer who got stuck in a Cat filter on a Zoom call as he shared his account with his child. The video struck a chord with people worldwide and was widely shared. WeWork’s latest video also captures the struggles of online Zoom calls which have become a daily chore for everyone for almost a year. It portrays the difficulty in recreating the office culture and experience at home, especially the technical logistics through relatable situations. Even a simple work call with colleagues is difficult to navigate leading to humorous yet relatable scenarios. The film lightheartedly highlights how this new normal has affected the way we work and how working out of a WeWork is the most convenient step to overcome productivity and logistical barriers. The flexible workspace provider offers flexibility, collaboration and culture whilst prioritising safety, which is perfect to motivate you to get back to work and experience the office culture that you have dearly missed.

Talking about the latest film, Vineet Singh, Head of Brand & Marketing at WeWork India said, “Last year definitely changed the way we work and it also introduced us to a host of problems we face while working from home. We at WeWork understand the importance of a vibrant, collaborative workspace and how it can positively impact ways of working, leading to better productivity and efficiency. At WeWork, we work tirelessly to ensure that our employees and members have everything they need for an ideal work experience whilst keeping their health and safety at the forefront. With this campaign, and this latest video, we just want to tell everyone that we relate to all your problems with working from home and have a one-stop solution for you.”

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