Amazon Alexa’s 3rd anniversary campaign brings stories from users across India

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Ek neeli si roshni, se kar li jo dosti

Three years ago, Alexa entered Indian households and today, she is many things to many people. Alexa has become an integral part of their daily lives. Parents and kids have found a new partner to have fun while learning. The elderly lean on Alexa as a reliable assistant for alarms, reminders, and listening to their favourite music. Young professionals, working bees, and busy moms enjoy the freedom to do other things while they simply use voice commands to control smart home, make bill payments, order gas cylinders, and more.

As #AlexaTurns3 in India, Amazon celebrated its anniversary in India by showcasing stories from users across the country. The 6 video campaign, showcases varied use-cases of Alexa across different customer segments. From seasoned users at an old-age home dancing and singing to their favourite tunes, assisting users with a disability with reminders and hands-free smarty home control, and creating a lasting memory with kids and family as they have fun, to depicting smart learning with Alexa in schools, the campaign emphasizes on befriending the blue light i.e. Alexa.

“Alexa has become a family member in millions of Indian households today. A voice interface humanizes the interaction between the user and a smart device and is a very natural way of engaging with technology. With Alexa our aim is to create new possibilities to touch lives and bring a meaningful change.” said Puneesh Kumar, Country Leader for Alexa, Amazon India.

The campaign poetry has been written by members of the Alexa India team. The films have been produced by Delhi based agency, Good Vibes Entertainment LLP.

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