Post-COVID, Valentine’s Day Goes Virtual for Indian Youth; Survey

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, COVID cupid has shot-down celebrations with a romantic partner. According to a survey by, only 1/4th of the respondents plan to spend the day with a significant other. Debunking the cliche of Valentine’s Day, 45% of Indians plan to celebrate the day with friends or family. Furthermore, women are looking forward to celebrating the Valentine weekend by pampering themselves. 21% of women agreed that they are their own Valentine as compared to only 9% of men.

The survey also revealed that couples who are celebrating Valentine’s with their love interest remain cautious about stepping out. More than half of Indians prefer to stay indoors and are organising a romantic virtual date. Another 15% want to go out but think it is unsafe, hence they have decided to stay at home. Out of those who plan to stay in, 43% plan to meet their partners on video calls. 42% plan to send their partner a Valentine’s day gift, and the rest (12%) prefer to spend time together at home.

On the other hand, 20% of respondents believe that while it is risky to go out, love has no boundaries! These respondents plan to step out to celebrate this day of romance with their beloved. Only 13% feel it is absolutely safe to go out. Amongst these respondents, the most preferred way (40% of respondents) to celebrate outside is by going out to a fancy restaurant, albeit one which follows social distancing rules. Almost an equal number of respondents said that this Valentine’s day is going to be like any other, unaffected by COVID, while 14% opted for long drive and staycations to avoid exposure.

Surprisingly, according to the survey, Indian men prefer to receive emotionally fulfilling gifts. 53% of men agreed that they would like to get a material gift (like cards, flowers, accessories, etc) because it will remind them of their other half as compared to only 31% of women opting for the same. The next best option to gift men is experientials like spa, vacation, etc confirmed 36% of men whereas women are almost equally divided between experiential options (27%) and e-gifts (vouchers, subscriptions, etc) as they are safe and convenient.

Commenting on the same, Mr. Rohan Mathur, Business Head, said, “Having had to spend more time at home over the past year, the Indian youth seem to have found a stronger connection with their families and loved ones. Where Valentine’s Day is known to be a day of romance and love, respondents are almost equally divided between wanting to celebrate the day with family, friends or a romantic partner. There is also a drastic shift in the way people socialize. Staying at home and remaining connected virtually with loved ones via video calls, etc. has become a safe haven for couples. Even in the near future, we will see more involvement of technology in relationships be it for choosing a partner or staying in touch with the partner.”

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