This Valentine’s Day Emoha Elder Care launches #RetroLove

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Emoha celebrates the elderly who find moments of happiness and love through its short video series

Emoha elder care, a technology-powered community-based comprehensive platform enabling elders to age with grace and relevance has launched #RetroLove campaign this Valentine’s Day that celebrates timeless, eternal love among elders through its short video series.

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Inspired by ‘Timeless Hindi Cinema Classics’ the platform celebrates country’s elders, by exploring the theme of retro love and sharing their beautiful, personal moments of happiness and pleasure. The campaign video shows elders singing old Hindi melodies and going into period mode to bring the much needed cheer in their lives. One can also see elders dressed up in costumes portraying their favourite actor/actress like Dev Anand, Shammi Kapoor, and Helen – the film stars of yesteryears.

These short videos reiterate Emoha’s philosophy of #Eldersfirst and to help elders, age with grace.

Commenting on the thought behind exploring the theme of timeless love, Saumyajit Roy, Founder, Emoha Elder Care said, “It is high time that we acknowledge how elders continue to be the epitome of timeless, eternal love. I wholeheartedly believe that we must celebrate elders for their innocence and unique zest to celebrate life everyday against all odds. This celebration of elders should not be restricted to one single day. There are over 110 million elders in this country, who are above the age of 60, the highly vulnerable section of the population, and a large chunk of them have somehow managed to overcome the pressures of COVID 19 pandemic. They continuously crave for expression of love, bonding and compassion in any possible form in their lives and find ways to keep themselves cheered and feeling loved without falling in the trap of being lonely”.

Given this backdrop, Emoha Elder Care extensively use MOH TV, (Ministry of Happiness TV), an in-house unique offering online interactive sessions for elders on the platform. This gives them the opportunity to make new bonds, friends and the option to confide in each other in tough times. True to its name, MOH, which means having a sense of attachment and love in Hindi language, this offering gives a unique window to elders to shed all inhibitions and express unadulterated love”.

The initiatives such as these are in sync with the platform’s ideology of #EldersFirst. Founded in January 2019, the platform acts as a gateway for elders to stay safe, secure, and engaged while in their homes.

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