Bennet & Bernard launches first of its kind device disinfectant ‘Sanitaz Plus’

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Expands offering in FMCG portfolio

At a time when safety, hygiene and cleanliness are of paramount importance, Bennet & Bernard, a multi-diversified group with presence in eco-luxury real estate, hospitality, FMCG and retail continues to accelerate customer-centric innovation and has launched Sanitaz Plus – wet wipes exclusively for mobile and electronic gadgets to address the critical need for hygiene. This one of its kind disinfectant kills 99.99% of germs instantly and thus reduces the risk of infections. This product is highly effective in cleaning all kinds of touch screen systems like mobile screens, monitors, keyboards, camera lenses, TV screens, tablets, airport check-in counters and in-flight entertainment screens etc and has been manufactured with laboratory-made ingredients that have a proven record of safety and efficacy.

Sanitaz Plus has been created with soft textured fabric and non-woven wipes that are dermatologically safe and infused with Isopropyl alcohol that kills viruses. The disinfectant, suitable for all glass surfaces too, is ideal for multiple applications and doesn’t leave behind streaks, residue or scratches. These singular wipes are individually wrapped making it extremely convenient and is packed for use anytime, anywhere. The product has been tested and validated scientifically and has received certifications from independent experts and agencies such as UK’s Quality Control Certification, Food and Drugs Administration, LMS Certifications and from SGS India.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues, Founder and Chairman, Bennet & Bernard Group  said: “The coronavirus pandemic is altering every aspect of how we live and hence in the emerging ‘new normal’ world, consumers have adopted a lifestyle centred on health, safety and hygiene. This has resulted in a significant shift in consumer behaviour and a rise in demand for personal cleaning solutions. During this pandemic, our pursuit at Bennet & Bernard has been to develop effective and differentiated solutions that help address these concerns and the launch of Sanitaz Plus is yet another demonstration of this endeavour. With care for people at the core of our business philosophy, we have stepped up and augmented our capabilities to manufacture a unique product offering to protect the wellbeing of people.”

“The world is changing more rapidly than ever, and consumer preferences will continue to shape with the time to come. Data and figures of recent sales indicate that user needs have shifted significantly from decorative to safety concerns in the last few months. While hand hygiene is critical, the relevance and importance of surface disinfection is also increasingly being accepted now and will be more frequently used in days to come. We believe, that most of these behavioural changes will become habits in the long-run as everyone is concerned about personal hygiene and there will be an enhanced focus on wellness and demand for hygiene products is expected to expand. The concept of launching this product in a sachet is an ideal step to ensure safety of the masses at this crucial time and we have witnessed a tremendous response in the initial phase of our launch,” said Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues, Co-Founder and Director, Bennet & Bernard Group.

The Sanitaz plus disinfectant has been launched keeping in mind increased dependency on devices in all areas of today’s world and minimal importance given to cleaning them. Mobile phones and other touchscreen systems – such as at airport check-in counters and in-flight entertainment screens are the most ideal carrier of germs. Due to the increased risk of microbes and viruses settling on devices, it is important to maintain proper sanitization of them. As the country begins to open up, the company is furthering safety and providing best-in-class hygiene solutions. Going forward, with the new launch the company aims to drive its next wave of growth with multiple products in the FMCG segment. The company’s vision is to create a unique source of competitive advantage through diversity of businesses and create new opportunities for growth.

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