Sensodyne unveils first TV campaign for its toothbrush portfolio

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The TVC, created in eight languages, encourages people to choose the right toothbrush for their oral health

Oral health brand Sensodyne from GSK Consumer Healthcare has launched the first ever TV campaign for its toothbrush portfolio. The Effective & Gentle Care campaign attempts to break the common perception that hard brushing is imperative for effective cleaning and educates people on the importance of choosing a right toothbrush like Sensodyne.

“Many people today opt for hard-bristled toothbrushes thinking that a harder scrub will lead to better cleaning of teeth. This is a misconception! In reality, depending on how vigorously one brushes teeth, a hard or even medium bristled toothbrush may damage gums and the protective layer of tooth (enamel). The campaign builds on this consumer insight and highlights how Sensodyne Toothbrushes are specially crafted with only “soft bristles” for gentle care. In a competitive category, Sensodyne Toothbrush thereby takes its place as a specialist brush that cares for teeth with gentle yet effective cleaning,” the company said.

Effective & Gentle Care campaign has been brought alive with a simple storyline in eight languages. The film begins with a woman vigorously brushing her teeth and showing some concern for her oral health. The TVC goes on to introduce Sensodyne brush, which is specially crafted with soft round tip bristles – which not only cleans effectively but is also gentle on teeth and gums.

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