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What’s in store for Media & Entertainment industry in 2021

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Guest Column: Pranab Punj, Chief Marketing Officer, Rainshine Entertainment, shares 11 predictions for the sector

2020 has been a tumultuous and disruptive year for the global Media & Entertainment industry, like it has been to the world. Pranab Punj, Chief Marketing Officer, Rainshine Entertainment, shares his view on what 2021 has in store for the sector.

His predictions:

  1. Simulcasting/simultaneous release of content will become the norm
  2. Short-form content will be the long-form idea factory
  3. SVOD will win over AVOD
  4. E-sports viewership will play neck to neck with traditional sports
  5. Consumer’s decision fatigue will cause significant disruptions to the video OTT models
  6. AI-powered scheduled digital TV will be back in a new avatar
  7. At least one new form of entertainment will arise out of the confluence of either of the four—music, short-form content, reality content, and gaming
  8. Live entertainment will be more personalized, and, of course, digital
  9. Documentaries/docu-dramas will do more business in 2021 as compared to fiction
  10. 2021 will see many more niche OTT players. Consolidation will be in favor in 2022
  11. Regional language content will be the flavour of the year

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