Nutralite’s latest digital campaign created ‘Breaking News’

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Tonic Worldwide, Nutralite’s Digital Marketing partner, saw this as an opportunity to plan a campaign the product truly deserves.

A ‘BREAKING NEWS’ campaign was conceptualized for the new Healthier Choco Spread. Giving the regular trending news format a creative spin, digital videos were launched, talking about the product – breaking news style.

Regular reporters were replaced by the actual consumers – Kids! These little ones, posing as news anchors, delivered fresh news which arrived straight from the ‘choco world’ and explained how mummies all over the country can now celebrate because choco spread just got healthier.

Over the course of just 7 days, the videos garnered over 2.6 Mn views and over 6.9 Mn impressions on digital.

The breaking news videos were backed by fun social content talking about the unique variants! Afterall, what’s there not to love in this bottle filled with taste and health?!

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