Amazon Prime’s jibe on Netflix: The perfect response to StreamFest strategy?

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The two streaming platforms on earlier occasions too had been involved in banters online and grabbed the attention of audiences

Recently OTT player-Netflix announced a two-day StreamFest on its platform. It was on December 5 and 6 that users got full access to Netflix’s library of content free of cost for 48 hours. Its competitor Amazon Prime took this opportunity to share a video captioning it as ‘No fest Just Facts’ which has a couple saying Prime has a 30-day free trial anyway. Here the company is seen taking a direct dig at the hullabaloo Netflix has been creating about its two-day free streaming offer.

The video shows a guy planning what all he will do in these two days while watching shows on the platform while a couple goes all ‘Big deal’ on him. However did Amazon Prime play in right?

Amandeep Singh – Business Director & Branch Head, VMLY&R DELHI believes that Amazon Prime’s response has been quite well timed and contextual.

Competitor Netflix has been going out of its way to promote the StreamFest – with an ad campaign featuring Bollywood celebs and a promotional video that features content creators.

Subodh Chaubey, Copy Partner at Infectious Advertising feels that it’s high time Indian brands hopped on the brand wars bandwagon. “It’s refreshing to see brands not taking themselves too seriously and indulging in banter. For Amazon, it’s a great way to capitalise on their rival’s promotion, while still giving Prime loyalists something to root for. The film’s sarcastic tone hits the sweet spot, perfectly aligning with the Indian mindset of more is better. Let’s see if Netflix responds in kind,” he remarked.

The two streaming platforms on earlier occasions too had been involved in banters online and grabbed the attention of audiences.

Nishant Malsisaria, VP – Product Strategy, dentsu Data Sciences opined that the streamfest was a very strategic move by Netflix with an extremely clear motive. However, Prime’s stunt would’ve definitely benefited them with the communication loophole they played in. “It’s no news that the OTT industry is growing expeditiously in the country. The common man is getting more and more inclined towards digital streaming owing to factors like original content, digital premiers, etc. However, the key differentiator for Netflix is its original content which is far higher than any other in this space. The next million for digital and these OTT’s will come from this common man, unfortunately, Prime missed out on one of the most important fine print. Netflix’s 2-day trial was 100% hassle-free aiming to recruit this next million into this category and unlike Prime’s 30-day free trial, the “HESITANT” commoner didn’t need to enter submit banking details to be able to subscribe,” he added.

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