‘The definition of influencers is fast moving beyond its conventional nuances’

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Joji George, Co-Founder, Gonuts, spoke on ‘Building a Brand in the Experience Economy’ at the recent e4m India Brand Conclave 2020

Day 2 of the e4m India Brand Conclave 2020 saw an insightful session by Joji George, Co-Founder, Gonuts, who spoke on ‘Building a brand in the experience economy’.

Speaking about Gonuts, a celebrity-driven influencer platform that is fast redefining influencer marketing, George said, “With the kind of fandom that exists in our country, there is a big divide between fans from secondary and tertiary towns and celebrities who are largely metro-centric.  Even the communication from celebs to fans is one sided and often through social media. We saw an incredible opportunity to disrupt this space and make it an immersive, experiential space as oppose to one-sided communication.”

George also spoke on how the definition of influencers is fast moving beyond its conventional nuances to a broader-based one.

When asked about building brands in the space that he is operating in and best practices of doing so, George added said that it was all about passion.

“What it takes to build a brand in this category is a lot of passion marketing. Brands are like love bites, they need to be visible, they need to have passion, and they need to have high recall value. Moreover, at Gonuts, we have a larger purpose—to make people’s lives richer through the videos/content that we create.”

He also admitted that the rise of social platforms has influenced the experience economy in a big way as people have become a lot more expressive now.

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