Google to offer access to paywalled content in partnership with news publishers

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This is part of updates that the search engine giant has brought to it News Showcase

Google has announced few updates to its News Showcase, which was launched in October with an aim to help people find relevant news. These updates will make the experience better and more useful for both publishers and readers.

Firstly, Google will offer people an access to paywalled content in partnership with select news publishers. Paywalls are crucial revenue strategies for some news publishers. Google will pay participating partners to provide limited access to paywalled content for users of News Showcase and, in return, users will have to register with the news publisher they trust in order to access that content. This will help news publisher build a relationship with the users.

This will make it easier for readers to access more valuable content as News Showcase will list important articles by understanding their preference, local or national news, by their favourite publishers.

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