Hyderabad OOH players approach state Home Ministry on hoarding removal order

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Last week, Hyderabad OOH Owners also organized a peaceful protest against the order since it will take away most media sites from OOH owners in the GHMC vicinity

The issue of restrictions on the government hoarding removal order for Hyderabad has come into the limelight yet again. The first order was put forth in February this year. Last week, Hyderabad OOH Owners organized a peaceful protest since the order will take away most media sites from OOH Owners in the GHMC vicinity. The order restricts media sites above the height of 15 ft from the ground level and bans rooftop hoardings, putting regional OOH players in an economic turmoil.

Due to the widespread challenge it poses for regional OOH players, The Outdoor Advertising Media Association has appealed to the Minister of State Home Affairs Gangapuram Kishan Reddy.

The advertising policy has been put forth by the Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA&UD) in regards to the safety of pedestrians.

The appeal made by OOH Owners states that 5 lakh people rely directly and indirectly on the regional OOH industry and this order could lead to a 200 crore rupee loss of revenue.

Another Hyderabad OOH player stressed on the importance of DOOH structures and clarity from the government to solve this issue of public safety.

The matter has also been appealed to the HC and the owners are waiting for a hearing date on the same. Apart from the rooftop ban, there are size restrictions, limitations on the use of flashlights and non-static illumination, neon and glow signboards, and add-on advertising elements on cars and other vehicles.

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