Suvarna News rebranded as Asianet Suvarna News

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The rebranded channel’s tagline is ‘Straight, Bold and Relentless’

 Karnataka news channel, Suvarna News, is being rebranded as Asianet Suvarna News.With this announcement, the Asianet News Network signals its intent to bring Asianet News’ long-standing regional and national equity to Suvarna News. With its tagline, ‘Straight, Bold and Relentless’, the rebranded channel,  with a slew of new programs, aims to build further gains in the fiercely fought leadership race in the Kannada news broadcasting industry.

Editor-in-Chief, Asianet Suvarna News, Ravi Hegde said: “The new identity has triggered an exciting, revamped look and feel along with introduction of new shows during the prime time which will be a game-changer in the Karnataka News genre.This is not a one day rebrand excitement for us. We will pay the same attention to detail serious journalism requires. In a copy-cat news media market we will differentiate ourselves with credible, verified visual presentation true to our tagline Straight-Bold-Relentless.”

Executive Chairman of Asianet News Media and Entertainment Private Limited, Rajesh Kalra pointed at the lack of programming differentiators across the news broadcasting business and said: “We are witnessing a shift in consumer behaviour over the recent past. It is important for news broadcasters to be sensitive to this shift. With shrinking attention span and ever-evolving viewership behaviour, presenting well-differentiated verified content will be the key to better engagement. Asianet Suvarna News is doing exactly that and will continue to deliver on the back of its well-researched content strategy.”

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