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Will the surge in poker continue in the Post Covid world?

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Guest Article: Online gaming has seen unprecedented growth during the pandemic and Vivek Singh, Co-Founder, Stick Pool Club tells us how companies are coming up with revolutionary concepts in online poker gaming to acquire more users and stay engaged even after Covid-19 subdues

The Covid-19 induced lockdown may have hit business sectors across the world, but the widespread adoption of digitization has resulted in the emergence of new sectors. Online gaming being one of the most booming sectors has seen a tremendous surge in its user base. Even though there are multiple sources of entertainment – television, videos, web series, and others, the online gaming industry has triggered higher engagement. 

The number of Covid-19 cases continues to rise and the restrictions on social distancing have not been lifted yet. To combat the boredom, stress, and isolation that occurred due to the pandemic lockdown, people are betting on real money games – of which, online poker is one of the topmost preferences among users. The online poker industry in India was already on its growth trajectory, but now it has burgeoned like never before. 

The online gaming industry in India saw remarkable growth in 2019 due to innovative revenue models – in-app purchases, real money gaming in online poker, rummy, etc. According to KPMG statistics, the Indian online gaming industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 22% by 2023. This opens up a myriad of avenues for online poker to thrive in the market. 

Number Of Active Internet Users

The Covid-19 pandemic has potentially accelerated digital adoption in India. This has directly impacted the overall growth of the online gaming industry. New and affordable smartphones have dominated the market that is continuing to attract an untapped user base in the country. Presently, India has over 560 million internet users and it has been estimated to reach up to 650 million by 2023. The surge in the number of active internet users is also the result of affordable mobile data packs being offered by multiple telecom operators. This has pushed the number of online poker players in India and is continuing to rise even after the lockdown.

Accessibility Of Mobile Gaming

The advancement in technology has transformed the way games are being played. Previously, gaming consoles and PCs offered offline gaming experience, now easy accessibility of mobile phones has replaced traditional gaming devices and shifted the user base to smartphones to play in a more comfortable setting. The portability, affordability, and robust configuration of smartphones have also increased the user base of online poker gaming in the country. During the lockdown, smartphones enabled users acquire real-time and real money gaming experience through online poker with ease.  

Ease In Digital Payment Methods 

The pandemic led to a steep surge in the adoption of digital payment channels and this is estimated to rise to 300 million users by 2022. Due to stay at home orders, people who were not familiar with making online payments were forced to use digital payment options. Furthermore, online gaming companies are using innovative methods that involve real money tournaments or in-app purchases to increase user engagement. Thus, the ease and security in online payments are widely catering to the needs of the users playing with real money.  


Market Of Millennials 

One of the significant factors driving the growth of the online poker gaming industry, is the young population in India with 75% being under the age of 45. This demographic contributes large volumes to the online gaming industry and makes India a market with huge potential. This demographic is passionate about playing games on their smartphones especially ones that provide a real-world experience. This creates a big opportunity for online poker gaming industry to capture the interest of the audience by offering them an opportunity to earn as they play. 

With companies coming up with revolutionary concepts in online poker gaming, the industry is on an upward growth path. Several companies are integrating interactive features and formats to drive user engagement. They are transforming monotonous gaming experience into a real-world opportunity that is predicted to acquire more users and stay even after the Covid-19 subdues.

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