Why have some OOH owners not signed the MGCM licence fee waiver docu yet?

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Some OOH owners shared that they are now appealing for an extension of the waiver till August 2020

 The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) coming up with a licence fee waiver for Mumbai OOH owners hasn’t gone down well with all players. Some OOH owners, who are closely connected with the appeal on licence fee waivers, have shared that they haven’t signed on the document yet as it is yet to become the official waiver document.

An OOH owner shared, “Our industry has gone through grave economic turmoil during this global pandemic. The matter of the rebate scheme drafted by the MCGM is still in consideration from our end. It is not that we are pushing our luck. We are merely asking for support to get us back on our feet. With zero fillings recorded in Q1, it is a fair approach. We would like to extend the waving off licence fees to the month of August 2020 as that is when OOH advertising started picking up. We also would like a compensation package for the losses incurred during the lockdown when there was absolutely no brand investment coming in and COVID-mandated ads had to be displayed.”

Another OOH media owner has said that MCGM has not got the required number of signatures from Mumbai OOH owners for the wavier verdict to become official. The signature on the rebate package drafted by the MCGM should be signed by all Mumbai OOH media owners for it to become an official agreement.

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