7 Up tops exclusive brands list on regional sports channels for IPL: TAM Adex

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As per the data for the first 52 matches, a total of 175+ brands advertised on both regional and Hindi+English sports channels and was on top among the common brands

The first 52 matches of 13th edition of Indian Premier League witnessed a huge growth in the count of brands for both regional and Hindi + English sports channels. As per the TAM AdEx data for IPL 13, over 175 brands advertised on both Regional and Hindi+English sports channels where topped among the common brands.

While Oppo Reno4 Pro topped exclusive brands on Hindi+English language Sports channels, 7 Up led the exclusive brands on regional sports channels followed by Surf Excel Quick Wash on the second position, Asian Paints Apex Ultima Protek on the third spot, Nescafe Sunrise on fourth and Sunfeast Veda Marie Light on the fifth spot.

The top five categories among all the matches remained the same. The list was dominated by the E-commerce sector with approximately 30% share of ad volumes during 52 matches of IPL 13. The Top 5 categories together had about 40% share of ad volumes in IPL 13 and three out of the top five categories were common between IPL 12 and 13, while 2 out of top 5 advertisers were common between IPL 12 and IPL 13, viz. Oppo India and FX Mart.

Also, the count of advertisers and brands grew by 12% and 2% respectively in IPL 13 compared to IPL 12. The total count of advertisers and brands stood at 115 and 237 respectively in IPL 13 as compared to 103 and 232 respectively in IPL 12. However, the total category count was less in IPL 13 as compared to IPL 12 that is category count was 89 in IPL13 versus 91 in IPL 12.

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