As the Homebody Economy Grows Amidst the Pandemic, 90% Indians look to Invest in Multifunctional Furniture: Survey

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The Dream Home Survey also revealed that both men and women consider furniture replacement as one of their top choices for home improvements

In an attempt to understand people’s behavioral patterns as they spend more time at home,, India’s largest sleep and home solutions company, conducted The Dream Home Survey and released its findings today. 90% of Indians prefer having multifunctional furniture in their homes, with the storage beds emerging as a popular choice for almost 30% of Indians. The report, which received close to 2000 responses from across the country, also brought to light the up and coming demand for work-from-home furniture setups in the comfort of people’s homes.

The Work from Home Headwinds

The pandemic has given rise to the work from home culture, increasing demand for workspaces at home. 39% of people said they spend most of the time at their workspaces at home and 32% of people said that they have installed a workstation for themselves. While a majority of people (36%) still showed a tendency to work on their beds, the survey found that more men (35%) work from their dedicated work desks than women (24%). While working from home, a collective of 79% took a short afternoon snooze either in their living room or their bedroom, showcasing the uptick for rejuvenating power naps.

Sprucing Up Homes for Increased Comfort

With the definition of home expanding in the post pandemic world, 38% of people felt the need to redecorate their homes at least once a year; While 47% said a contemporary design aesthetic with smart home solutions would best suit their needs, 36% chose to go for a minimalistic design aesthetic. The appetite for investing in significant home improvements was high in light of the festive season, with both men and women (24%) opting for an upgrade on their furniture. Women also showed an affinity to add decorative details to spruce up the home, while men said they would love to hang up some new curtains to give their home a makeover this season. The mattress and bed, however, were clear winners in providing 64% Indians with the most comfort and coziness.

India’s Favorite Nooks

The survey also threw up interesting insights about people’s preferred spaces, as they spent more time at home. 54% Indians said they spend most of their time in their bedrooms. While the survey reports that the amount of time spent in the bedroom and living room pre-covid remained the same post-covid as well, there was a 16% increase in time spent at the kitchen post-covid, perhaps a result of the need to cook and wash dishes more! 35% of people ate their meals in front of their TV screens, indicating a preference for living and bedroom spaces.

Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, Director and Co-founder, said, “The pandemic has given rise to a new lifestyle that we had probably never imagined in the past. The only thing that is constant right now is our homes. As the festive frenzy kicks in, we expect a huge surge in demand for home furniture and furnishings. As per our survey, demand for bedroom and living room furniture is likely to increase, and the work-from-home furniture category is sure to see a major uptick. We are excited to cater to this new wave of demand and offer quality sleep and home solutions products at an affordable price across India.” recently expanded into home solutions in June 2020 and is now offering a range of affordable products, including wardrobes, word desks, ergonomic chairs, bookshelves, sofas, coffee tables, bedside tables, wall shelves, TV units, shoe racks and much more. The company will be offering its home range in addition to its already existing sleep solutions portfolio consisting of mattresses, beds, mattress protectors, comforters, bedsheets, pillows, neck pillow and back cushions.

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