Nihar Naturals’ innovative campaign brings alive Maa Durga’s #Third Eye to enable women to have safe Pujo

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Marico Limited’s Nihar Naturals marked this year’s Durga Puja with an innovative campaign – #ThirdEye, aimed at making pujo pandals in Kolkata safer for everyone. An emotional digital film around the campaign showcases the impact that such a positive and practical approach can have on women’s safety.

Conceptualized by BBH India, this initiative saw Nihar Naturals partner with key pandals across Kolkata to set up a network of surveillance cameras disguised as Maa Durga’s #ThirdEye, to watch over pandal-hoppers and keep them safe. The surveillance cameras were outfitted in Maa Durga’s “third eye” and live feed from the cameras were streamed to LED screens in prominent locations, in addition to being monitored by pandal security. These cameras watched over the crowded pandals and adjoining streets, enabling women to freely and confidently partake in the festivities this Pujo.



In addition to the on-ground campaign,  Nihar Naturals is also bringing alive stories of some of the most remarkable women — heroines from real life — who have acted as one another’s protective “third eye”, and have strived to ensure the safety of other women.

Commenting on the initiative, Koshy George, Chief Marketing Officer, Marico Limited said, “Nihar Naturals is always emotionally connected with the society it serves, and through this initiative, we wanted to bring alive our focus on women safety in the city during this festive time. The third eye of Maa Durga is symbolic of how she always watches over her people, with an added element of safety through the surveillance cameras with live feed directly to the pandal security teams”.

He further added, “In addition, we are also celebrating some real-life heroes who are a representation of Maa Durga protecting her devotees. We believe their stories and messages will inspire others to emulate Maa Durga’s strength and love, and watch over other women around them — not just during festive season, but at all other times too.” 

Russell Barrett, CEO & COO, BBH-PWW India added, “We wanted to meaningfully interact with our audience during this time and the idea to introduce a CCTV camera in Durga Maa’s third eye felt like a real and demonstrable way to continue having meaning in our audience’s life. It’s a privilege to work with the team at Marico and  Nihar Naturals who actually walk the talk. #ThirdEye is not just a marketing campaign but a genuine effort in women’s safety. The fact that it ties in beautifully with Goddess Durga and her opening her third eye to destroy all evil is an example of intelligence + magic, a potent yet simple idea that will hopefully make a difference.

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