AMPM fashion launches Zāhia collection inspired by Marrakech architecture to step into the festive fervour

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Commissions artist Pranoy Sarkar for a series of 3D composition paintings and videos for their new collection

Indian fashion label AMPM join in the festive celebration with the launch of their exclusive collection –  Zāhia and along with it, their campaign for the collection launch.

Marrakech’s architectural gem, Palais de la Zāhia,  – home to the 60’s fashion icon, model and actor, Talitha Getty – plays the muse in AMPM’s new collection campaign to launch and promote their new offering across traditional media, social media, and on-ground at the brand’s stores across the country. 

AMPM commissioned artist Pranoy Sarkar to do a series of three-dimensional composition ‘paintings’ and animated videos, of their Zāhia collection that depict what day-to-day life must have been like in the heyday of the villa – a hedonistic lifestyle, an effortlessly-stylish, yet heady mix of classic European chic and exuberant finery from Marrakech. These paintings echo the essence of those times and the lucid subjects portrayed, seemingly come to life and where spaces, objects, and ideas oscillate between the real and unreal, like a desert mirage.

AMPM was established in 2002 by founders Ankur Modi and Priyanka Modi with the core ideology of eternal elegance and endless versatility. Art is the leitmotif of all AMPM collections. Every season, the brand draws inspiration from varied art and craft forms from India and around the world and balances them alongside recurring themes of wildlife, pottery, and architecture. Filtered through AMPM’s artistic lens and following a thorough design process, the reinterpretation of these indigenous artworks and techniques makes a signature AMPM creation unique.

Speaking on the ethos of the brand, Priyanka Modi, creative director, AMPM said “With every collection, we strive to create a seamless bridge between aspiration and accessibility. Over the years, we have built a sartorial vision that has staying power and relevance in the global fashion landscape.”

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