India’s first natural black alkaline water, EVOCUS H2O becomes Bollywood’s and Indian Cricketer’s new fitness mantra!

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The revolutionary black alkaline water has gained popularity among Bollywood celebrities such as TaapseePannu, NehaDhupia, Tiger Shroff and leading Sports personalities such as Hardik Pandya and Sania Mirza

EVOCUS H2O, India’s first natural, mineral-rich black alkaline water by AV Organics has quickly become the new fitness mantra for B-towners and Indian Sports personalities. Celebrities with a knack for fitness, including TaapseePannu, NehaDhupia, Regina Casandra, Tiger Shroff, Hardik Pandya andSaniaMirza, have recently vouched for the revolutionary water on social media platforms.

B-Town celebrities are well known to try out the latest health and fitness trends, with their nutritionists practically on their speed dial. The ongoing pandemic and lockdowns have further bolstered this focus on fitness, and celebrities are going the extra mile to ensure good health and immunity. EVOCUS H2O helps them achieve this goal by enhancing immunity and detoxification through hydration. Its 70+ minerals help with sustained hydration better detoxification, reduced acidity, improved metabolism, heightened alertness, and balanced pH levels in the body.

Aakash Vaghela, Founder and Managing Director, AV Organics said, “COVID-19 has undoubtedly encouraged people to adopt a healthier lifestyle, be it through fitness activities or a healthy diet or both. They are more aware of the importance of a strong immunity system now than ever before. This change in consumer behavior has helped us drive engagement around black alkaline water, even among Bollywood & Celebrities. We are delighted to see the positive response and increasing traction around our revolutionary product in such a short period. We believe more people will realize its health benefits and make it a part of their daily health routine in the times to come.”

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