Jeeru® – the refresher gets a refreshed look

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The new packaging and branding are part of the company’s continued efforts to connect with their customers

India’s Jeera masala drink, Jeeru®, from the house of Xotik Frujus, has got a brand new, refreshed look. This packaging and branding change of Jeeru® reflects the drink’s fun, fizzy, spicy, and eclectic nature. 

The new packaging and branding exercise is an effective way to differentiate itself in the market, while at the same time present itself as a contemporary, youthful brand with the same tell-tale taste that everyone swears by. Designed by 82.5 Communications, the new-look bottle labels and cans are inspired by a kaleidoscopic design with jeera grains and apple playing a key role. To maintain a sense of familiarity, the old font has been carried forward into the new design. 

While the new packaging is being rolled out across India, the brand is also revamping its distribution network and strengthening its national presence. With its new-look,  Jeeru® packaging is one among many steps the brand is taking to stay in the hearts of young India.

Speaking about the refreshed identity, Rajeev Sehgal, Chairman, Xotik Frujus Pvt. Ltd, said, “Jeeru® is our endeavour to give India a delicious Indian drink. True to its Indian essence Jeeru® is one drink with diverse flavours. The new packaging is to portray this celebration of flavours and taste and make it distinct from competitors.

Mayur Varma, ECD and Creative Head, 82.5 Communications, signed off, “We wanted to capture Jeeru®’s unique taste and its Indian essence in its packaging. The Jeeru® Myriad, its unique kaleidoscopic pattern, represents the multiplicity of flavours and experiences packed in one drink. Just like India, Jeeru® belongs to everyone.”

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