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Future of marketing in the salon industry: Ramp up digital delivery

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Soumya Shetty, Head of Marketing, Enrich Salon tells us how the salon industry adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic and made adjustments to their strategies accordingly


The pandemic of COVID-19 has impacted all sectors and economies across the globe. However, each crisis brings with it the silver lining of hope to evolve and emerge out stronger. We have seen companies shift and rethink their communications strategy amidst this pandemic. From creating awareness about the products and services, the theme changed to building a community that’s withstanding this crisis together. The salon industry as well has adopted this way of communication and made adjustments to their strategies accordingly.

Medium of Communication

Brands are definitely seeing a shift in the budgets. Digital and mobile marketing would witness a spike as consumers are spending more time indoors.

Deliver Compelling Content

Salon brands can provide uplifting, informative and encouraging content to the customers.

Content on safety measures adopted while rendering services will help build assurance. Tips from experts will be a value add. Great service outcome content coupled with safety precautions would encourage customers to opt for salon appointments.

DIY videos are a great way of engaging with the audiences and providing content that they can actually use in their day to day lives.

Stay connected with consumers and use surveys for feedback for constant improvement and understand the customer apprehension and collectively find a fix for it. An inclusive approach is a must to sail through these tough times faster.

Holistic Wellness

There is an opportunity for the company to tap into the holistic wellness space.

It is not just about looking good, but also about feeling good, feeling positive. A spring in one’s step post a great salon session is undeniable; it makes people feel more confident, productive and boosts self-esteem.

So holistic beauty is something that will rise up the ladder, raising the bar on quality and expertise is important as consumers become more mindful about their consumption. Consumers would lean towards brands, who not only are good with services but have a professional set up to cater to stringent hygiene protocols and adapt to the new norm at a faster pace.

Relevant Offerings

DIY wax kits, single use kits like cartridge wax, mani-pedi mono-dose kits, revised threading techniques to ensure beauticians can render service with masks on, home salon services with for those who aren’t yet comfortable stepping out – It is imperative to offer customers things that are relevant with the changing scenario.

Evaluate The Messaging, Imagery And The Tonality

It is crucial to curate messaging that is sensitive to the current situation and takes into account the customers’ new normal and concerns. Honesty and empathy will be the key in driving communications at this time.

While getting back the revenues on track is crucial for brands, designing the messaging that connects well with the client without being too pushy is necessary.

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