Regional language channels account for 57% of overall TV ad volume: TAM AdEx

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Average ad volume per day for regional channels has risen by 74% in June compared to April, shows the data

Regional language channels account for 57 per cent of the ad volumes share in overall television advertising, and among the channels, those in Tamil top with 16 per cent share. This is as per the TAM AdEx data in the Television Advertising Report – IV.
The data is applicable for the period April to June 2020 (till June 27). These regional channels cover the genres of Sports, Kids, Infotainment and Lifestyle.

The report also shows that the average ad volume per day for regional channels has risen by 74 per cent in June 2020 when compared to April 2020. There has also been a two-fold rise in Ad Volumes in Week 26 compared to Week 15.

The Tamil channels have seen 82 per cent growth in average ad volumes on a daily basis, with a sharp rise since Week 23, shows the report.
Among the Top 10 Tamil channels that accounted for 43 per cent share in Ad Volumes, six were from the news genre and together had a 27 per cent share.
A look at the top categories and advertisers for Tamil channels shows that seven of advertisers in the top 10 category belonged to the FMCG sector. HUL is on the top with 26 per cent share.

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