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Evolving The Marketing Approach To Bolster Confidence In The New World

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Vishwajeet Parashar – Chief Marketing Officer, Bajaj Capital says improvisation, adaptation & deliverance will be the key elements at the helm of the decision making process for businesses going ahead

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a new world, which demands an evolved approach to business. Marketers across the globe are ardently looking to drill down the challenges that the customer, brand and the organisation could experience in such a scenario and then formulate the modus operandi to face these challenges. No crisis comes alone without an aftermath, and the world today is in a crisis that is exceptional by any standards. The coming times will witness several societal changes that will affect marketing plans. As a result, a Banzai approach can make all the difference for effective implementation of any marketing strategy.

Improvisation on the fly is inevitable, as most businesses are learning lessons the hard way. A shift in consumer sentiment (below fig.) hints that traditional marketing blueprints will no longer be valid and a breakthrough with clients will come through only by knowing their core motivations and needs. 

When the crisis first surfaced, we too at Bajaj Capital were pushed to the War Room, analysing various cost models, formulating the best, worst and moderate case scenarios, contemplating on the right action plan, while simultaneously moulding our approach in the evolving flux. Improvisation, Adaptation & Deliverance were at the helm of the decision-making process, and would continue to remain so going ahead.

Digital Is No More An Option

When the world was hit with the news of the pandemic, we all got connected with colleagues, family and friends within hours, clutching to virtual communities and digital modes of communication. The tools that allowed us to switch to remote working were already a part of our everyday lives. However Bajaj Capital, which was established as a successful brick-and-mortar retail finance company, fast-tracked its evolution into a completely digitized click-and-mortar organisation – thanks to Covid-19. Every non-digital aspect of business was transformed digitally, to connect various stakeholders on an omnipresent virtual platform. Webinars, video conferencing, messaging, posts, and innovative e-mailers were taken to the next level to ensure that clients have the secured assurance about their financial status today as well as tomorrow.

Meaningful Client Relationships

It is categorical for marketers to analyse every measurable metric and push the hard-sell approach. However, a diverse approach is warranted for the current times which can tend meaningful yet bankable conversations with clients. At Bajaj Capital, we sensed the uncertainty in the client’s minds looking for reaffirming scenarios amidst the Covid-19 world. A special focus was given to client’s “Total Well-being”. We joined hands with OMNILIFE organisation, which propagates a holistic way of living through its 10 pillars. Harmonising a balance in their movements, relationships, surroundings, etc. is at the crux of the whole OMNILIFE philosophy. Financial well-being is also one of the 10 pillars that make the client understand the financial stress factors in life and how one can resolve them with ease.

Empathetic Marketing To Develop The Real Connect 

It is important now more than ever to know what people feel and want. We used various channels, DMPs, and VOC programs to become aware of the client’s requirements. We came to know that client discussions on health concerns or other topics are more relevant to the current times. We could also gauge a sense of insecurity in the client’s minds related to their finances in the future ahead, and virtually most of them had no plans to counter this problem. Armed with this awareness, we launched a comprehensive Retirement Campaign in early April, which laid a holistic horizon to financial well-being and empowered clients to look at the future with certainty.

Migrating Customers to the New Normal

Customer behaviour has evolved in unprecedented ways during the pandemic and each customer today wants a tailor-made solution for his concerns. This customer is realistic and is no longer hyperbole. Through various AI & human tools available on our virtual platforms, we could manage to focus upon the customer pain points, such as the need and understanding of insurance, how to steer your investments in falling markets, secure financial future when salaries were being cut etc. Several portfolio reviews, financial assessments, special webinars, are being conducted now to escort the customer into the new normal.




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