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Pro tips for Publishers to Optimize Ad Revenue

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Vishveshwar Jatain, Marketing  Manager, AdPushup lays the case how partnering with an ad revenue optimization platform can help publishers accelerate their revenue growth

What does it take to become a successful publisher? High-quality content, consistent traffic growth and a well thought out revenue strategy. While most publishers easily take care of content and traffic on their own, managing an ad stack remains a challenge for most.

This is especially true for web publishers, who are practically working two jobs to engage their desktop and mobile users. This also means managing inventory for multiple devices, which requires time and resources. In such a case, a helping hand makes a significant difference.

The usefulness of ad networks, ad exchanges, and ad servers is well known. However, sometimes publishers need something more specific—an ad revenue optimization platform.

What is an Ad Revenue Optimization Platform?

Ad revenue optimization platforms are designed to help publishers accelerate their revenue growth. Technology and expertise come together to help publishers achieve long-term growth.

Since every publisher property is unique, a good revenue optimization platform will understand their distinctive needs and suggest the best plan-of-action.

A typical ad revenue optimization platform takes care of ad inventory management, demand partnerships, floor price optimization, and performance reporting, among other things.

How Is This Different from Ad Networks and SSPs?

The biggest difference is the business model used by these platforms. For instance, publisher profitability and revenue lift is a priority for revenue optimization platforms, while ad networks and SSPs focus more on matching inventory to the right demand.

Simply put, ad networks and SSPs aggregate impressions and sell them in bulk to advertisers based on specific targeting criteria. Whereas ad revenue optimization platforms work based on the needs of individual publishers—which could include updating their ad stacks, running performance tests, reaching the right demand, and ultimately contributing to revenue growth.

Why Should Publishers Choose Ad Revenue Optimization Platforms?

Most publishers start looking for an ad revenue optimization platform when they feel like they are missing out on the right monetization opportunity presented by their impressions.

Here are some specific reasons to choose an ad revenue optimization company:

Ad Ops Expertise

Whether it’s setting up a new technology, troubleshooting or making sure you have the right reporting data to make informed decisions, all publishers need ad ops expertise at times. These platforms complement publishers’ in-house ad ops teams, reduce cost, and improve efficiency.

Access To Premium Demand

Publishers can use a revenue optimization platform to access premium demand without getting involved in the process of pitching and negotiation themselves. Most revenue optimization platforms spent years forming strong relationships with demand partners, so you don’t have to.

Ad Testing

Ad testing involves experimenting with parameters like ad type, size, and more. Moreover, testing works when conducted frequently. In such a case, revenue optimization platforms can provide AI/machine learning assisted optimizations to deliver better revenue lift.

Ad Layout Optimization

Ad layout is as important as ads that are being displayed inside ad units. Publishers need the right layout based on their content and design. A better layout strategy should improve user experience, viewability score, and finally, the overall ad revenue.

Handling Technical Complexity

While a technology like header bidding is rewarding, the setup can be technically intensive. From adding demand partners, setting up auction timeouts to automating reports, header bidding requires a dedicated person (or team) to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Pro tip: When looking for a suitable partner to work with, publishers are recommended to look for a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP). Certified vendors have a track record of delivering customer success, expert consultation, and superior support.

Where to Get Started?

There is no dearth of choice when it comes to solutions in the market. Publishers can now choose SSPs with a marketplace and ad networks with advanced features like header bidding. Ad revenue optimization platforms, however, specialize in optimizing the revenue that publishers can generate from other mass-market solutions.

To find the right solution, you first need to be aware of your requirements. Are you looking for expert consultation? Do you want to set up header bidding or need more demand for that? Or are you just looking to experiment with innovative formats? If you know the answers to these questions, then finding the right ad monetization platform is one search away.

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